Word for January 11, 2018

“Psalm 71:15 My mouth shall tell of your righteousness and of your salvation all day long; for I do not know their limit.” Everything pertaining to the creation is measured, and has limits and borders. Everything pertaining to God is limitless, and Immeasurable. They have no end and no beginning. His righteousness and his salvationContinue reading “Word for January 11, 2018”

Word for January 15, 2018

Proverbs 15:22 Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed. I know of very few times where the Lord will give a word, privately or of private interpretation, that is meant to be acted upon without a multitude of counselors. I believe, that while this has always been true, I sense thatContinue reading “Word for January 15, 2018”