Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

Word for February 5, 2018 (Let go of the rope)

Psalm 5

Give ear to my words, Lord
Give heed to my cry
My King and My God
To You I draw nigh
Hear my voice in the morning
For it speaks only to You
Consider my musings
While on the ground there is dew

You take no pleasure in wickedness
Evil flees from Your door
Boasting becomes silent
Deceitful men You abhor
Workers of Iniquity
You do not enjoy
Those who speak falsehood
You will destroy

But as for me I will come
Into Your house of mercy
As for me I will worship
In fear and in truth
Lead me in righteousness
Because of my foes
Make my ways straight
May my words be sooth

In their mouths lie unfaithfulness
Destruction within
Their throats are an open tomb
Littered with sin
Tongues drip with flattery
Judge them guilty! Oh God
May all of their counsel
Now be their own rod

As for we who rejoice;
Our trust is in You
Because You defend us
And make mercies new
You’ve given garments of praise
To the lovers of Your name
Oh Lord bless the righteous
Shield us from blame.


I was reminded this morning of my first time learning to waterski. It started out well, but the skis fell off after a bit and I kept holding onto the rope attached to the boat. It was pulling me across the water and I kept getting tossed and turned and pulled under. Then I heard a voice from the boat “Let go of the rope!” LOL Well of course!

While that is a funny memory, it’s amazing to me how many people don’t let go of the rope. This rope can toss them around and pull them under so fast, yet they hold on. For some, it can wrap around their necks and drown them.

The Lord’s voice has been getting louder over the past few years. “Let go of the rope! The ski’s that glide you across the water and keep you afloat are no longer there! You will drown!”

Sometimes, people are afraid to use some of the language in the psalms as part of their own prayer because we are in a new dispensation of grace and there is definately something to be said for that. We don’t want to call fire and destruction down on anyone – (Jesus gave a rebuke to James and John for that). However, the Lord is a God of justice as well as mercy. But the Lord’s mercy has been extended for a long time. Those who practice deception and destruction are sold out to iniquity. In order for Him to judge iniquity, because they won’t let go of the rope, they fall as well.  His desire is none should perish.  So let go of the rope!

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