Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11


From the word I gave December 2017:
Exposure of the practice of iniquity will continue to increase.
Be careful of the shouts of triumph as the world continues to be
exposed for its sin; I am not finished judging My church.  If you are
found to be in a sin, repent quickly for your adversary will seek to
destroy you with accusation through people.  Be humble and surrendered to
Me; acknowledging Me in all your ways.   Because of your enemy, I will
discipline you more closely, and as you surrender to Me, you will sense my
pleasure all over you.
The amount of exposure that is coming will bring shame to many people, and
cause others to commit suicide.  It will tear down families, cause riots, and
release terror in the hearts of many.  I am reminding you, the reader, of the
above.  Be humble.  The Lord is sweeping through the nation. He is paving
the way so that righteousness can be seen in the earth.  It is what we have
prayed for, but it won’t look like what we desired.  Be humble.The following was posted on Twitter tonight, 5-16.  Please pay attention:

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