Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

Knowing Him


Recently I woke up to the phrase “All Systems Down!”
Now, I knew this was a phrase impressed in my spirit by the Lord,
and it preceeded an event that followed at my workplace at the time.

The company I worked for was a fundraising organization and depended upon
the Laser Color Printer to work because we held many events that required brochures. 
This laser printer was connected to our server, which was located in the National Office. When there was a problem with the server,  all systems went down.   This affected all states, and all cities with offices in that state,  and all equipment connected to that one server.    
A company can literally be out of commission for a time because of one problem in the server in the National Office except if an office or individual offices buy separate printers which were not connected to the main server.  They would be responsible for
maintaining any printers they purchased, and any cartridges associated.
“All Systems Down!” 
I heard this without question.    But this was not for me to fear.    This was for me to prepare.   
The Lord said He would conquer nations.  All nations will topple as we get closer to the Day of His return.
“All Systems Down!” 
How are nations toppled? 
By bringing down,  like the Tower of Babble,  all the systems we’ve built and left Him out of the equation.
Economic System
Educational System
Health Care System (Insurances)
Medical System
Transportation System
Communication System
Political System
Religious System
Nations topple when the gods of our land are destroyed.   These gods are behind our systems.  
So what can the believer do?  
Well, it’s very easy to say “Cut ties with the systems.”   Easier said than done.  There needs to be a preparation of heart and we need to check our heart to see how much we are tied to the systems.  We make a decision that once we see it,  we allow the Lord to be the Substitute for the systems we hold to. 
For example,  if we are dependent upon our economic system,  we must acknowledge that the Lord is our Provider,  “Jehoveh-Jireh”  (which literally means “the Lord will see to it).  That isn’t to say we should not want a strong economy but rather that our life should reflect we are content whether we have one or we don’t.

Instead of INCREASING our food budget,  can we DECREASE it by 1/4 every month or so, and live within those means, trusting the Lord to provide?    Is He truly Jehoveh Jireh in our lives?   Do we believe it?  Do we see HIM? 

This should be a child of God’s discovery every day.     Is He really who He says He is? 

What about Health Insurance?   It’s a system.  I first received this word above in 2008.  At the time I had health insurance.  It dictated to me which doctor I would see, what diagnosis’ I would receive and whether they would pay.  Certain diagnosis’ could not be given because the treatments offered would not be covered.    And the cost for health insurance was so great that we could only afford for my husband, who received coverage at work, to be covered.  

At first, I panicked, but then when I received the word “All Systems Down” and meditated on it, I thought “well just Who IS my Provider?”  and “Who Is my Healer?”   It is the Lord. 
Today, I belong to a Christian Share Group, not an insurance company.  We share medical expenses and pray for each other.   It is considered by medical providers to be private pay, so they reduce the cost by 1/2 in many cases.  And my cost per month is 1/3 of what it would have been to cover me by insurance companies.  

In addition, I am not limited to whom the Insurance Company says I could see.  There is no network of physicians.  I could see whomever I choose and if the provider I choose prescribes supplements, this will be included in what I receive from the share group.  I am free.   Of course, there are requirements,  some of which are that you lead a healthy lifestyle, free from smoking and excessive drinking, and you attend church regularly.   That shouldn’t be a problem for those who know the Lord is their Healer and Provider. 

Go through the list of names that the Lord refers to Himself.  Once a week, write on a journal page, a name of God.   As you do, ask yourself, “Is He that to ME?”  If so,  how does your behavior reflect it?  Ask Him to introduce Himself to you as that name.  Ask to know that name greater than you do presently.   We Christians are so vague with our requests.  “Lord I want to know You, I want to know You more.”   What does that mean?  How will you do it? 

Is He Jehovah Shamah? (Ezekiel 48:35)  It means The Lord is Present.  Is Jehovah Shamah Lord of your life?  If not, you won’t know that He is and you might open the door for another to be present.  Let’s take not knowing “He is Present” to the furthest extreme.  If you don’t know Him as “He is Present” there will be fear and panic which leads only to evil doing. (Psalm 37:8 although read the entire psalm on fretting).   Eventually, you may rely upon the government to be there for you, and supply all your needs if Jehovah Jireh is not your Lord.  

All these things will topple.  All systems will fall like Domino’s.  You don’t have to fall with them, nor do you need to fear when they fall.   If you have cultivated time with the Lord, in a strategic way,  you will not die when the systems do.

Like the printer in my fundraising organization, we had to get our own printer, using our own funds, maintain it on our own instead of being connected to the national server which was often down.   We were free to be functional.   Don’t be tied to the systems (server).   There will likely be lifestyle changes that need to be made but you belong to the Lord.  Not the systems.   

Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.

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