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The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

Annointed to “Make Supper”


This sounds strange, I know, but this was the word I heard in my spirit in the early 2000s as I was sitting in church, wondering what my own calling was. “You are anointed to make supper.”

I remember grimacing my face because it was way out in left field, what my kids would call “so random” and it was just not a recognized, “real anointing”.

Then in 2005, I visited a friend’s church in CT and it was a custom to have a prophetic word given by a prophetic team to new visitors.  I loved how some on the team talked about being refreshed by gentle rains but one of the ladies say “I see you in the kitchen making soup for supper.  Do you work in a homeless shelter or something?”   I said “No”.
In fact, I didn’t like cooking much at all, but there it was again.

Over the next few years, the Lord would confirm in small ways, what He was calling me to do.  It always seemed like a little piece of the puzzle here, a little piece there.  There were several times it was prophesied over me that the Lord had called me as a prophet, and I would think “Ok. What does one do? Am I doing it? When will I do it?”   Then I was told to just “be” and I would think “I AM just being. I still don’t know what my calling looks like.”

I did sense I was being called back to school (at age 48) into the holistic health field.  Nutrition, Wellness, Herbalism, etc.  As I was learning about nutrition, I recalled our big family feasts every single Sunday.  It was a combination Italian and Portuguese get together and included pasta and meatballs and antipasto and canoli’s and cake etc.  Supper (we called it supper, not dinner.  Supper sounded friendlier but less structured and often nothing fancy.)  Angolo-di-tavolata-e1354905095292

What would happen if we never had weekly supper, only family feasts?   There would literally be no nutrition throughout the week, we would have no relational time with just our intimate family, we would be starved, and couldn’t function.

Then the word came back to me “You make supper.”   And it was becoming clearer.  I am anointed to provide nutrition!

Yes and no.  It was again, another piece. How did that fit in with all the times having hands laid upon me, that my anointing was prophet?

I read the word daily.  It is where I have trained myself to look for Him.  There are sometimes major revelations as I read, but usually, I just read.  Every time I do, I have tucked a nugget of gold inside my heart.  Sometimes it is an answer and sometimes it is a revelatory word for a future event, and most times they are reminders of His goodness.

Along the way, I give these little nuggets of gold that I have tucked away in my heart to others; nuggets of wisdom, love, insight, friendship, acceptance, etc.  Whatever is needed at the moment, it’s like the Lord Himself reaches into my heart to provide a hidden gem for another person.  Sometimes it’s a plain word but it’s always good.

This morning I was reading Psalm 23 (today is August 23, it is my scheduled reading for today according to the date and it is my mother’s (now in heaven) birthday.)

I read ‘you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies,  you have anointed my head with oil, my cup runs over” and I heard “You make supper” all over again, as I recalled my mother fixing supper all those many years.  Every day, day in and day out.  What could seem ordinary was actually nutrition being provided.  We were full.

But I looked again.  Every day I read the word, I take in spiritual supper.  Every day I write a blog, I provide nutrition.  Every time I talk with someone and give that one the word with love and friendship, I provide nutrition.

What would happen if we never had supper?  We would be weak, we would be hungry and likely go searching elsewhere to find food.

I have one more month before I become a certified nutritionist.  All along the way, the Lord has held my hand as I walk through the complexity of it, never letting go and teaching me about Himself through it all.   “Bring the fatted calf” helped me investigate more into the fact that fat was actually good for us.  Genesis 9 tells us God provides meat for food.  Romans 14 tells us that eating meat and being a vegetarian is our choice and done unto Him.  I’ve learned that He desires WHOLE food, not processed food where goodness is stripped and junk added back for taste.   He desires us to eat organically, not anything sprayed with chemicals.   But there’s more.

Every word of God is an acknowledgment of who He is.  Every word of God provides strength for the moment, and the day, and power over the enemy.  Every word of God provides a fresh perspective, and mercy.

And, most often, being a prophet is more about the supper than it is about the Sunday dinner.  I make supper.

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  1. Thank for the supper. Great word.

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