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The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

Come a Little Bit Closer; Hear What I have to Say.


Psalm 35 – An Intercessor’s Journey

Plead my cause Oh Lord
With those who strive against me
Fight with those Oh Lord
Fight with those who fight against me
Take hold of my weapons
Restrain me from my flesh
Stop those who pursue me
Be to them as a mesh
And say to my soul

“I AM Salvation”

Bring shame and dishonor
To those who seek my life
May they be brought to confusion
Their lives filled with strife
May they be as the chaff
That blows away in the wind
For they love their own darkness
Proud of their sin
And say to my soul

“I AM Salvation”

May their pathways be darkened
May an angel pursue them
They have hidden their nets
Bring to them what is due them
In Your hands I release them
Keep me still before You, then
And say to my soul

“I AM Salvation”

My soul will rejoice now
For You have my foes
All my bones now sing
And my countenance glows
Who is Like You Oh Lord
For You have delivered the poor
From the snare of the enemy holding them at Death’s door
And You say to their souls

“I AM Salvation”

Fierce witnesses rise
Asking what I don’t know
Rewarding evil for good
To the sorrow of my soul
Yet when they were sick
I bowed in compassion and prayed
“Proclaiming their freedom,
“The Price had been paid!”
And spoke over their souls

“He is Salvation”

They rejoiced in my trials
They mocked and accused me
Though I did not know it
They tore and abused me
They snarled in their anger
They tried to confuse me
How long will You look on?
How long will they bruise me?
But You spoke to my soul

“I AM Salvation”

This all You have seen
Speak again to me Lord
For You have delivered me
With a two-edged sword
Stir up Yourself, now
And bring with You, reward
Bind me now to Your heart with a three-fold cord
And say to my soul

“I AM Salvation”


Salvation: Hebrew ישועה (yĕshuw`ah).

I have Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” playing in the background as I write this.  The first line of the lyrics are “Come a little bit closer, hear what I have to say”  and I stop.

Come a little bit closer.  Hear what I have to say.   Come closer. 

Every word in scripture draws us to “come a little bit closer, hear what I have to say”….  We can read with intellectual minds, we can read history, we can seek to understand meaning……  but no matter what I am doing, I hear “Come a little bit closer, hear what I have to say.”

Today, is May 5 and my reading includes Psalm 35.  At first read, we see this psalm is about David whining crying out to the Lord regarding his enemies.

“Get ’em God” ….

“They want to kill me!! Gahhh!! Turn them back! Turn them back!”
“Gather them together in a net like fish so they can’t chase me any longer!”
“Bring them confusion so they lose their focus and forget about me!”
“Blow them away like dandelion spores in the wind!”
“Scatter them so that their numbers are reduced and their strength is little!”

Come a little closer.  Hear what I have to say.

So I read again.   It’s not so much David wanting to inflict harm on his enemies as much as he is overwhelmed by the fierce attacks against him.  After all, he is only human and this can take its toll.   So I sympathize.

“Do you see what they have done to me?”

“They have brought me so much shame, I can’t face the public with honor anymore!”
“There is no reason whatsoever for these attacks against me!”
“They send people to tell lies about me in a court of law so that I will be found guilty!”
“I pray for them when they are sick…. they repay me with evil!”
“I humbled myself but in their pride they rose against me!”
“I mourned for them in their grief, but in my grief they mock me!”
” They abuse me all day long!”

Come a little bit closer. Hear what I have to say!

So again, I read.   Oh David is talking to the Lord and really, he is wondering where God is in all this!

“Lord how long will You look on?”
“I must have to tell You all that they do to me because You don’t seem to know”
“Don’t be silent Lord”
“Stir Yourself up!!”
“Awaken to my need to be vindicated!”

“Are you asleep?”

Come a little bit closer.  Hear what I have to say!”

So again, I read.

Sounds a lot like me at times.  Does it sound like you?  Be honest.   How many times do we tell God what the situation is as if He is unaware?  How many times do we feel like we are drowning in attack and we can barely breathe?   How many times are we tempted to pray those imprecatory prayers; prayers that invoke curses upon our enemies (which is a form of witchcraft by the way)?  How many times do we whine in self-pity.

Hands up!  It happens to us all at various times.

I think I understand now.  On one level it is about David complaining.  On another level we can sympathize or empathize as to his reasons for doing so.  On another level we see him blaming God.  He is angry and not afraid to tell the Lord as much. On yet another level, we see ourselves.

Come a little bit closer.  Hear what I have to say.

And again, I read.

This time,  I see this same scripture as intercession for another person.  I read this scripture as if our President is saying it.  It stirs me to pray for him because I see that what David, King of Israel, is going through is the same as what our President Trump is going through.   The psalm motivates me to pray for him, his family, his mission, his safety,  his health; physical, mental and spiritual health.   It’s really not about me.  It’s about praying for others!

Come a little bit closer.  Hear what I have to say.

And so again, I read.

Something catches my eye.  “Say to my soul, “I AM Salvation”.

David is telling the Lord “Please remind me who You are when I can no longer see clearly.”
“When I forget You, remind me that YOUR SPIRIT bring all things to remembrance!”
“When I am troubled, remind me that YOU are my Peace!”
” When I am far away from You, remind me that You will never leave me nor forsake me.  Draw me with Your lovingkindness.”
“When my enemies attack me, remind me that YOU said Let not your heart be troubled, for I have overcome the world.”
“When I cannot fight, remind me that YOU draw out the spear and YOU fight my battles.  YOU tell me to be still and see YOUR SALVATION!”
“Remind me of Your Word, that came forth from YOUR ESSENCE and brings vindication to my troubled soul.”

“Bind me now to Your heart of Salvation with a 3-fold cord, one that is nearly impossible to break.”

In all that I do, whether I read, pray and intercede, cry, laugh, or reflect, remind me YOU are Salvation.  Capital “S”.    And as long as I know You, as long as I am with You, I will not be afraid.

And this is the bottom line.  He is so in love with us, He calls us closer. He is Yeshua – The Name which means Salvation. He wants us to know not just what His word says, but to know He is THE SPIRIT and THE WORD.  It is His Name.   To be so intimate with Him that we are at peace with whatever is going on in front of us.

Let it sink in.

“Because I’m still in love with you
I want You to see me dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
Ohhhh come soon”   (verse from Neil Young’s Harvest Moon, playing in the background, with just a minor lyric change).

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