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The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

Are you well-oiled?

797px-Tripod-of-Life_Holy-Trinity.svgI get revelation to questions while I am at work in the health food store. Holy Spirit expounds spiritual things while using the natural things, most often the correlation of the human body and the Body of Christ.  As a Holistic Health Practitioner and manager of a health food store, I am always finding natural ways to help others align their bodies in such a way for healing to flow.

I had recently asked a fish oil representative about the mg necessary to fight inflammation for the heart and brain.

His response was that what most of us don’t understand about fish oil is that we have to saturate our cells in Omega 3’s. We can take the # of mg suggested but that is usually the safe suggestion for all people across the board. Many have medications that would interact with higher numbers, however, ideally, we are supposed to bathe our cells in higher numbers daily, so that our bodies are not struggling. One example of struggle would be higher levels of cortisol, fatigue, and inflammation.

You often see about 1200 mg of total Omega 3’s on a bottle of fish oil, but in reality, you can take over 3000 mg daily and let your heart and brain bathe in that oil.

The next day, I was in my car, telling the Lord that I desire to be at the place where I once was, just saturated with His presence, and where signs and wonders followed me, and revelation was around every corner.

He said, “I Am the Alpha and the Omega” and then I “heard” “Three-In-One”.

He then reminded me of the previous day’s conversation. When we are BATHED in His Presence, offering worship to our Lord, meditating/soaking in worship music that fills His heart (saturating our hearts), and immersed in His word (saturating our brains), we are building up a saturation level that fights off spiritual inflammation (friction between body parts), high cortisol levels (handling stress on our own strength) and fatigue (inability to press on).

Interesting that He chose to reveal this as I was driving.  It was His GPS gently saying to me “recalculating.”


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2 responses to “Are you well-oiled?”

  1. I take 7000 mg omega 3 a day.Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7.

    1. You are well-oiled 🙂

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