Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

It’s Not About Todd; It’s About God

By now, many have heard or read the latest allegations against Todd Bentley by Stephen Powell, and how many have gone to leaders but it appeared to be covered up.

If you haven’t, you can listen here.  Or you can read the account in its entirety here.

Some leaders have stepped up to verify the heart of SP, and here is one. 
And another.  And there are more but you, the reader can dig it all up.

I have nothing further to add, since I am not a witness, and don’t have first-hand knowledge, however, I did have a word from the Lord.

Upon waking this morning, I heard in my spirit, “It’s not about Todd, it’s about God.”

What we need to comprehend is GOD IS HOLY.  If we don’t grasp that GOD IS HOLY, then all we are doing when we read or listen to these reports is participating in the sin of gossip and slander.

If we don’t grasp that GOD IS HOLY, then it becomes about Todd and all the darkness that has overtaken him, as we await the exposure of all that have participated with him and covered it up.

If we don’t grasp that GOD IS HOLY, then we will condemn people rather than their sin; we will fail to pray for their souls but eagerly await their consequences.

But if we understand that GOD IS HOLY, has ALWAYS BEEN HOLY, and has been giving the Church time to repent, then we too will see this as a movement about to happen on a grander scale and God is sweeping through the Church as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah because He will not strive with flesh forever.

If we understand that GOD IS HOLY and has BEEN HOLY, then we will humble ourselves right now,  put our faces to the floor and REPENT for any coverup or sin we have participated in, that has nothing to do with Todd.

If we understand that GOD IS HOLY, then we will not be afraid of what the devil can do, but let the FEAR OF A HOLY GOD burn through us, and stand in that HOLINESS and no longer making excuse or fearing what people say.

Be careful who you follow.  Ask yourself why you follow them.  Get yourselves right before God NOW.  Because God is draining the Christian swamp.  It’s going to get ugly and yet it’s going to be beautiful.

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