Don’t Forget Your “Nevertheless”

Though He slay me, I will put my trust in Him.
Neverless, I will argue my ways to His face. Job 13:15
We forget the “neverless” part. Neverless I will ARGUE my ways! God does not want you to sit there SLAIN! Nor does He want you giving credit of SLAIN CONDITION to your enemy! (Psalm 41:11).

He wants you to get up and argue with Him about where you are at and why you believe you should not be there! He wants you to stand up and demand your blessing! (Genesis 32:25-28).

One of my favorite prayers of all time was when my brother “had a talk with the Lord” about the 5% chance of survival given my mother, and the declaration of my father, that if she lived, he will give his life to Christ.   My brother was arguing with the Lord about this.   “If you take her now, you have one.  But if you let her live, you have two!”

That is faith.

Don’t forget your “neverless” and get out and ARGUE your SITUATION today!  There is a time for ARGUE.  It is not the arguing that is a problem.

Argue is only a problem when you argue with one who cannot change your situation because it is futile. 

Published by darlenerose

Master Herbalist, Health & Wellness Consultant, Author and lover of my Creator.

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