Perspective Often Comes After the Fact

Today is the 3rd anniversary of mom’s death. Hard to believe it has gone by so quickly. When I am not thinking logically, I find myself saying “where is mom?” Especially when I’m feeling like I need approval which is weird because approval was not something mom gave me often. Everyone in the world, yes.Continue reading “Perspective Often Comes After the Fact”

A Pure and Spotless Bride Makes Herself Ready

Remember Annanias and Saphira? They lied, they died. Pretty harsh to many people’s standards, right? Yes it is but God is just. God was establishing a church in the time of A & S, and He was establishing a righteous church – of course I mean a people, not a building. How far from holyContinue reading “A Pure and Spotless Bride Makes Herself Ready”

Psalm 17 Prayer for our Potus and our Nation

Hear my prayer Oh Lord for our President, it is a just prayer, it is a righteous plea. Hear the cry from my fingertips which you have acknowledged so many times before. Hear my prayer for our President which does not come from trigger fingers without consideration. Let his vindication come straight from You, mayContinue reading “Psalm 17 Prayer for our Potus and our Nation”