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The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

Eyes Are Opening

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This was written back in March 2019
I’ve been going through 1 and 2 Samuel since 2008 (on and off) almost like a road map to look at current events. Here is what God has done with me – He gives me the map, like a few years ahead of time and I write what He gives. Its like an overview without details. Then, He takes me back to the writings and says to me regarding current events “THIS is THAT”.

And this is that. Abner switches sides.

You will need to refer to previous writings as this is a continuation of them.

Understand that Abner, as it pertains to current events, is not one person. It is a representation of groups of people over a period of time, as in, an era. So, for example, Saul does not represent one person today. It is an era of the old guard. And David does not represent one person today. It is an era of the new guard. Likewise, Abner does not represent one person today.

So who is the Abner in 2 Samuel? He was the son of Ner, Saul’s uncle – which would make him Saul’s cousin – he was also commander of the armies of Saul. But who does Abner represent today? I’ve asked the Lord for a long while who this was. He is not a single person but a people group that was IN THE FAMILY. RAISED IN THE FAMILY and just followed the family until eyes were opened.

Soul ties. Not according to the Spirit.

And Abner chose Ishbosheth to be the next King after Saul. But God chose David.

Ish-bosheth means “the man of shame” and was Saul’s son in the flesh. Back on Dec 31, 2017, I wrote that he will be an amplified version of all those who seek to govern by illegitimate authority.

I believe that Abner represents those in the political party and of a belief system that just followed what they followed and were good soldiers according to tradition, but are about to have their eyes opened. I believe we are IN THAT DAY RIGHT NOW. There are many who voted for the current administration – these are good people who just followed what they were taught from childhood… they are about to switch sides as their eyes are opening but it will be a difficult time for them. They are going to face persecution from both their family, their former party and from suspicious others.

Pray for these people.

Meanwhile, check out these articles from this week:

US Military at White House Arresting Members of Congress

White House Blackout between 3 and 6 am

Biden Voters Flood Twitter with Messages of Deep Regret

2 Samuel vs 9 May God do so to Abner, and more also, if I do not do for David as the Lord has sworn to him—

vs 10 to transfer the kingdom from the house of Saul, and set up the throne of David over Israel and over Judah, from Dan to Beersheba.”

vs 11 And he could not answer Abner another word, because he feared him.


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