Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

All Systems Down!

I have been going through some older writings and came across this one from
February 11, 2008. It is a now word… Nothing that others have not seen but I
rejoice in the fact that He showed this to me and prepared me.  The writing is sophomoric, but hear the revelation of the word.


I Recently I woke up to the phrase “All Systems Down!”
Now, I knew this was a phrase impressed in my spirit by the Lord,
and it preceded an event that followed at my workplace.

Our company depends upon the Laser Color Printer to
work.  We are a fundraising organization that holds frequent events,
therefore we have many brochures that need to be created and
printed.   About 300 mailings for about 4 people at a
time – to one printer at the moment (This is our busiest
This laser printer is connected to our server, which is
located in our National Office.  When there is a problem with the
server, all systems are down.  This affects all states, and
all cities with offices in that state, and all equipment connected to
that one server.

A company can literally be out of
commission for a time because of one problem in the server in the National
Office. Except if an office or individual offices buy a
separate printer, not connected to the main server.
“All Systems Down!”  I heard this without question.    But
this was not for me to fear. This was for me to prepare.

The Lord said He would conquer nations.
All nations will topple as we approach the Day of His coming.
“All Systems Down!”  How are nations toppled?  By bringing
down,  like the Tower of Babble,  all the systems we’ve built and
left Him out of the equation.

Economic System

Educational System

Health Care System (Insurances)

Medical System

Transportation System

Communication System

Political System

Religious System

Nations topple when the gods of our
land are destroyed.   These gods are our systems.  What
can the believer do?

We make a decision that once we see it,
we allow the Lord to be the Substitute for the systems we hold to.
For example, if we are dependent upon our economic system, we must
acknowledge that the Lord is our Provider, “Jehoveh-Jireh”
(which literally means “the Lord will see to it”).
Is He truly Jehoveh Jireh in our lives?   Do we believe it?  Do
we see HIM?  This should be a child of God’s discovery every day.
Is He really who He says He is?

Now, as believer’s we shouldn’t fear because the Lord is building His own systems.
These are the systems of His BODY. Everyone is finding their places.

The systems of the nations will be coming down, and our ties to these
systems need to be cut so we don’t go down with them, but that
we don’t have to fear because the Body is being built up and we will be
a functioning part of a greater system before the destruction
of the nations.

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