Meditate on These Things

From Psalm 19 Perfect is the law that converts the soulSure is His Witness that makes simple, wiseRight are His laws that turn the heart gladPure, the command which opens wide the eyesClean makes wisdom everlastingTrue and Righteous judgments foretold Sweeter are they than the sweetest honeyDesired are they more than gold Meditate on theseContinue reading “Meditate on These Things”

My Fingers are the Tongue of a Ready Speaker

Psalm 45: 1 My heart is overflowing with a good theme;I type my composition concerning the King;My fingers are the tongue of a ready speaker. I am not a speaker. I write. I don’t always write well but I write. Like a photographer takes a hundred photos before publishing the one that gets the award,Continue reading “My Fingers are the Tongue of a Ready Speaker”