Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

The Lord ALONE is My Shepherd.

Psalm 23:1 NKJV - Jehovah Raah, The Lord Is My Shepherd ...

to pasture, tend, graze, feed

  1. (Qal)
    1. to tend, pasture
      1. to shepherd
      2. of ruler, teacher (fig)
      3. of people as flock (fig)
      4. shepherd, herdsman (subst)

The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want. He is my ultimate Caregiver and watches over me. Yes, there are things I need to do for myself daily, in order to give myself care, but I need to be ever aware that the tools I find to care for myself, do not replace the One who gave them.

How can I tell if I have neglected my Shepherd and gave credit to the tool used? When I can no longer find it. When the stores run out. What is my reaction?

It is sad to witness but I see this daily. People about to lose their minds because we no longer carry a product that worked for them or we are just out of stock.

What can you do without? What can you NOT do without?

Jesus. He alone is our Shepherd and He sees to it that we shall not want for anything. Trust Him with all your heart.

Why am I writing this now? Because the Lord is removing our resources. The resources that keep us from seeking Him alone. Heed this as a warning.

Or else you will be found wanting.

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