Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

But Who Am I?

June 10 (Psalm 10, 1 kings 18)

Rising costs, declining pay

But who am I? Who do you say?

Am I not the One who gives?

Am I not the One who lives?

“Out of butter! Out of eggs!”

The lazy whines, the poor man begs

But who am I? Am I not He

Who sends the storm and calms the sea?

Who do you say? Creator asks

Do I wear veils? Do I wear masks?

Cast down your idols, reject their way

Who am I? Who do you say?

The wicked man shouts down the weak

Who do you hear? What do you speak?

Is he not caught in his own schemes? In his own plans?

In his own dreams?

He promotes the greedy, defiles the Lord

He fears the guns but not the Sword

In all his thoughts there is no room

for the One who formed him in the womb

His mouth is full of threats and lies

Why do you fear what I despise?

“Trouble! Trouble!” from his tongue

His words are death, his heart is dung

But who am I? And who is he?

Am I the Lord or shall he be? Divided thoughts and vile pretense

Sons of God! come off the fence!

I am the king , I’ll always be

Rise up and now declare! Decree!

The word I speak the word I spoke

The wicked’s arm has been broke

It’s broke! It’s done! Not “yet to be”

Sons of God! Declare! Decree!

Who am I? Who do you see? Sons of God declare! Decree!

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