Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

The God Who Sees

Original prophetic poem written 1991

Edited June 12, 2022

An attitude prevails that prosperity is ours

And God is glorified by all the things we own

I’ve heard this spirit speak and saw it

Hover ‘neath the stars

Above the churches of our land

Within our hearts its seed is sown

“To have is to be blessed” and if we can proudly say

That if we have, then we are in a higher class than most

And we are loved above the rest in a most peculiar way

It’s in these “blessings” of the Lord, we can surely boast

But this is pure deception for the Scripture clearly states

That, Yes! We’re meant to prosper, but

Greatly as our soul

Yet the other spirit whispers,

Itching ears it penetrates

That to have brings forth God’s praise, and

We should make that our goal.

Once I had all I desired

What I sought I gained

With every weekly paycheck I was

The envy ‘mongst my peers

But oh, throughout the years,

I knew a poverty unfeigned

That dwelt amongst my soul

And wrought a multitude of tears

Where are the “blessings” of the Lord

Today as I look around, to see

An older beaten car and in my closet, hand-me-downs

The pantry in my kitchen relieves me from much choice

Twice a year I shop at thrift shops, learning to rejoice

Where are the blessings of the Lord

For what may I give praise?

I may not entertain high style, but

I’m thankful for my days

For I have not known hunger, nor poverty, nor shame

Since I have known El Roi

His Provision have I claimed

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