Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11


One lab report
One idea
One suddenly
One day
One child
One key
One thing
One word
One voice
One song
One body
One Lord
One Name

I woke this morning with the phrase “One lab report”….. after reviewing with a client that this one lab report she received changes everything! Everything in her 60 years of struggles. It changed it all and points her in a new direction of freedom.

I hovered over that phrase. “One Lab report”. Just the one thing.

There is not a million overwhelming things we need. Just one word may be the key that unlocks a heart and unravels years of darkness and chaos.
Just one day can provide news that sets in motion an entire change of direction and plans.
Just one pet can send to flight a thousand days of loneliness.
Just one grandchild can bring joy and love that you had not known before.
Just one word of forgiveness can wipe away years of bitterness, heartache and pain from , trauma
And just one song can instantly bring you to a place that you remember from many years ago (ask someone who caretakes for a person with Alzheimer’s).

While there are many gods, there is only one Lord that can change your destination, suddenly.
There is only one name under heaven by which man can be saved.
There is only one King of the Universe
Only one way to the Father.

David said “One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,
To behold the beauty of the Lord”

While I was meditating on the phrase “One Lab Report”, I was remembering a song from back in the early 90’s. It was from an album I had that had been ruined. I never found it again because it went out of production. I listened to it quite often and it became a part of me, so to speak.

“There is one body
We have one Lord
United in the spirit
We are going forth
With our praises on our lips
And a sword in our hand
We are marching onto Zion
As we possess this land
We are the people of the Lord
We’re a Holy Nation
A chosen generation
Called to show forth His praise
We are the people of the Lord
We’re a Holy Nation
Believers in Jesus
Lifting up our voices to the Lord”


I contacted Pastor Robert Gay back in 2014, in search of this album and particularly the prophetic praises that were at the end of the album, called Song of the Lord, Song of the Bride. (but start at 39 minute mark til the end should you care to listen)

There are some songs that are just perfect in harmony and lyrics that align your body and soul with heaven and help you rise above it all. One album, one song, led by one Holy Spirit, can set a million distractions to the ends of the earth so that you can focus on your One Love.
Prophetic Praises was the album, and Song of the Lord, Song of the Bride was that song.

He did have a Best Of Cd but the rest of the album was out of production and could no longer be found. I searched everywhere. So I sang what I recalled.

I had searched YouTube before but this morning I tried again. There it was. Uploaded in November 2021. No other has uploaded this and no other place can this album in its entirety be found.

Song of the Lord, song of the Bride (at 54 minute mark)

“And I really love you
And I receive your praises unto me
And I really need you
To pour forth my spirit
Oh cant you see
In this hour
I’ll release my power
In so many ways you will see me
I will flow through thee
You will see me you will see my anointing
It will only flow through my love and compassion
As you reach out to others and forget about yourself
You’ll see me move in tremendous ways
I love you and I’m drawing you close to me
Out of the outer courts you will come and into the chambers it will be
You and me
A love affair for two
It will be so glorious
It will be my love shining forth on you”

Oh Jesus we worship you

There’s a sound of the spirit
That is coming forth
Its a sound of my bride
As they lift their voice and glorify
Oh glorify my name
So I will sing to you my people
Lift your voice to me
Come and receive
Oh receive of me
For I am pouring out upon you
My glory and my power
And as you come into my presence
You’ll receive and see my glory

We come and bow before you
To worship and adore you
We come and give the glory to your name
We come and bow before you
We worship and adore you
We come and give the glory to your name
We come and bow before you
We worship and adore you
We come and give the glory to your name
We come and bow before you
We worship and adore you
We come and give the glory to your name
We come and bow before you
We worship and adore you
We come and give the glory to your name
Your name
Your name

The Lord did this. This one thing is for me.

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One response to “One”

  1. Only One! No wonder it impacted you so…
    Thank you for sharing this. *tears* \0/

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