Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

Major 7th

I found myself playing some major 7th chords and lingering there. Usually when a 7th chord is played, it means. something like “we are wrapping it up” whether that is a song or a verse, or a movie scene.. it means the end is not yet but be ready for a new thing, for the old thing is ending.

Take this for what you will. I discern the spiritual atmosphere and that is where He had me today. Please don’t dismiss this. To a seer, this is huge.

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One response to “Major 7th”

  1. Love this!

    Amen! Thank you, dear sister, for your diligence, and the ability to discern His urging.
    Strap in and hold on! Our Pilot (Jesus) predicted these times (Matthew 24), and we are seeing them unfold, day by day.

    The news is never “NEWs” these days, but simply another fabricated problem because they don’t understand how interconnected our world truly is. Professionals who studied their small corner of the world worry at solving a problem without understanding how their “solution” creates other problems! And if the professionals and leaders can’t…or won’t…what makes the people think they can, and will?

    He tells us, even now…to trust and learn from Him- Day by Day.

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