Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

Camp Ayin

The Eye of the Storm is the safest, yet most dangerous place to be.  Those who have been in the path of a hurricane know that to venture into the eye, is to venture into temporary calm, for in a moment’s time, the winds will quickly pick up intensity, and to get back to the place of safety, by this point, would be too late. 

Unless you are in a reconnaissance airplane, flying into the eye, learning about the storm, gathering all the data from inside the eye,  and moving at the same speed the storm moves, you are not safe.  

So He is telling me He wants me to remain in His Eye.   His Grace.  His Favor.  His Continual Fountain (Hebrew: AYIN) of Blessings. 

Like the airplane gathers data, becomes very intimate with the nature of the storm, and learns all about its life by the calculations it makes in its eye, so He too, wants us to learn of Him and gather data and become very intimate with His nature.

But I’ll need to move when He moves and go where He goes.  Sometimes,  He moves very swiftly.  Sometimes, He will shift directions and do the complete opposite of all the computer modules.  
I need to be still, and sensitive, to His ways.  

Noah found grace in the eyes (AYIN) of the Lord.  (Gen 6:8)

Ayin (ah-YIN), is the Hebrew word for Eye in this passage, and it means “in the judgement of”  “the estimation of” or “according to my judgment it appears to me as”

To have found favor in the Lord’s eyes, is not to say that favor is all of a sudden there, when once it was not.   To have found favor in the Lord’s eyes (the AYIN) is to have looked into the gateway of His Judgement, (the eye), and to see your reflection right in the center, or the apple.  

It is by the Lord’s Judgement of who we are, not our own,  not the eyes of another, that enable us to go forward in whatever we do. 

Are you stuck, Beloved?
Find grace in My eyes, my AYIN.  It’s there.  You need to see it.

Take it further.
I was praying for someone that was a bit of a challenge to my heart.  Then I felt the Lord’s eyes looking out through my own. 
There was favor for this person. 
“Is she stuck, Beloved?”
“Thank you Lord,  for I have found favor in Your eyes (Your Judgement, Your Estimation)  for this one.” 

Here is where He wants each of us to remain because this is the safest place to be. 

Psalm 32:7,8  You are my hiding place;
         You shall preserve me from trouble;
         You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.  Selah  
 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
         I will guide you with My eye.


In Her Daddy’s Eyes
She was six years old and fairer than 
Snow White could ever be
More radiant than the stars and
Brighter than the sun was she
All the birds would hush their voices
When they heard that princess sing
But there were none more captivated
Than her daddy who was king

She was a little princess
Her hair was golden brown
She wore a diamond tiara
And a long white satin gown
She stood taller than the oak trees
Though she was of little size
And she lived inside the castle
In her daddy’s lovin’ eyes
Now at ten years old the princess rose
Just before the crack of dawn
She went to look for daddy
And found that he was gone
And at thirteen years she looked back, thinkin
How long it had been
And she wondered if the princess had run away with him

Sweet sixteen, kissed many times
Though she still shed a tear
With ev’ry mem’ry of her dad and
How it was when he was near
Lookin’ for the truth and all she found
Was dirty lies
Searchin’ for the princess

Now in a stranger’s eyes

Eight years had come and gone
She’s got a princess of her own
Wasn’t like she dreamed
As she raised her child alone
But then she met her Heavenly Father
And she’d come to realize
That she was and always will be
A princess in His eyes

Well she IS a little princess
Her hair IS golden brown
She WEARS a diamond tiara
And a long white satin gown
She STANDS taller than the oak trees
Though she IS of little size
And she LIVES inside the castle
In her Daddy’s lovin’ eyes
Now ev’rywhere she goes she sees
The princess in her Daddy’s eyes

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