Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

But As For Me

a prophet sees celebrities in heaven;
another calls her out
the people argue on social media in favor of their doctrines
but gather in their living rooms with their own tribe;
to diatribe
watching from a 10,000 ft view
i see the plan of the enemy
distract, divide and conquer the bride
what about you?
have you seen heaven?
colossians 2:18 tells me not to be cheated
out of my reward by listening to those who delight in
false humility and are puffed up by the fleshly mind
seeing things he has not seen and the worship of angels
but, you ask, could it really have happened?
my response “what does it matter to me?”
i will remain in what He has revealed to me
i’m on a need to know basis

see, if i am seeking the Lord earnestly
he will speak to me
he will tell me “this is for you not for them”
he will tell me “this is for this one or that”
he will tell me “this is the truth, walk in it”
he will ask me “what do you hear me speaking?”
he will ask me “what do you see me doing?”
he will ask me “who do you say I AM?”

and this is according to the gifts and callings and authority given
i have authority to speak one thing in one arena
but not another
i am not called to publicly critique another’s so-called word
or vision, except to look at the truth and decide
which way i will go
i am not an evangelist but i love to see true
darkness-to-light conversions
i am not followed by hundreds or thousands so
my posts are not directed to anyone unless they are drawn
by the Lord
but within my sphere, my tribe, my fellowship
where i have authority to bring exhortation and correction
i have the full force of heaven backing me
i don’t need to argue
i don’t need to justify
i have authority according to my calling

therefore, i put this out today
whoever is drawn and whoever reads
this is my arena
your responsibility, since you agreed you were led here,
is to take the word and present it to the Lord
ask “what do YOU say about this?”
“what does YOUR word say about this?”
“is it right? is it true?”
and not get caught up with what everyone else is saying
not get caught up with the worship of angels
or the celebrity sightings in heaven
not get caught up with someone’s vision of hell
or someone’s claims of time travel
what is it to you? Jesus asks Peter
what is it to you if i allow him to remain til i return?
you follow me (john 21)
oh but who is it that will betray you?
what is it to you?
you follow me

but as for me, i will walk in my integrity (psalm 26:11)
but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord ( joshua 24:15)
but as for me, i will seek God (job 5:8)
but as for me, i will come into your house of mercy (psalm 5:7)
but as for me, i trust in you Lord; i say You are my God (psalm 31:14)
but as for me, my prayer is to You oh Lord; acceptable time (psalm 69:13)
but as for me, my foot almost stumbled; my steps nearly slipped (psalm 73:2)
but as for me, the secret has not been revealed to me, because i have more
wisdom than anyone living, but for our sakes who make known the interpretation to the king, and that you may know the thoughts of your heart. (daniel 2:30)

Psalm 26: 1
Vindicate me, Lord, for I have walked in my integrity,
And I have trusted in the Lord without wavering.
Examine me, Lord, and put me to the test;
Refine my mind and my heart.
For Your goodness is before my eyes,
And I have walked in Your truth.
I do not sit with deceitful people,
Nor will I go with pretenders.
I hate the assembly of evildoers,
And I will not sit with the wicked.
I will wash my hands in innocence,
And I will go around Your altar, Lord,
That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving
And declare all Your wonders.

Lord, I love the dwelling of Your house,
And the place where Your glory remains.
Do not take my soul away along with sinners,
Nor my life with men of bloodshed,
10 In whose hands is a wicked scheme,
And whose right hand is full of bribes.
11 But as for me, I will walk in my integrity;
Redeem me, and be gracious to me.
12 My foot stands on level ground;
In the congregations I will bless the Lord.

Psalm 24: 3 Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord?
Or who may stand in His holy place?
He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
Who has not lifted up his soul to an idol,
Nor sworn deceitfully.
He shall receive blessing from the Lord,
And righteousness from the God of his salvation.
This is Jacob, the generation of those who seek Him,
Who seek Your face. Selah


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