Darlene Rose

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11

His Name


Almighty God
All Sufficient One
You are there
You are Peace
You are everything
That I will ever need
Tested always is
My confession of
Knowing You
You test my knowledge
Moment by moment
Until I realize
There is so much more to learn
But it’s okay
You have looked upon
Me, Your handmaiden
And find favor still
All Merciful God
All Loving Father
All Righteous One
Slow to anger
Quick to shoulder
My burdens
Even after You had cried
“It is Done” and
The battle had been won
You still
Make Intercession for me
That I would know
Your name
More fully, more completely
Glorious King
Ruler of Nations
To make Your name known
Among all Generations
Is our charge
To Glorify Your name
In all the earth
To proclaim your death not just
Your birth
Your Name is Ressurection
Your Name is Life, and
You alone are Lord
To know Your name
Is to know You
To know Your name
Is to know the depth
Of Your love
To know Your name
Is to know
Your promises Are true
And manifested
As our Eyes focus on
Your name, Love
Oh God of my sight
Help keep my eyes
Fixed on Yours
Night and Day
And Night

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