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  • Tying Previous Two Posts Together

    This morning after posting the previous two posts, I received this word in my inbox, tying both posts together:


    I heard the Lord say: Go deep! Refuse to get stuck in what you already know religiously, and look for a deeper spiritual understanding of Who I am and who you are in Me. Move into the realm of spiritual reality where My Word is not just a fable, but is the plan by which you live your life here and now and for eternity. You are in a crucial time where you must choose to grow or you will become dormant. 

    2 Peter 3:18 but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever. Amen.

  • Camp Ayin

    The Eye of the Storm is the safest, yet most dangerous place to be.  Those who have been in the path of a hurricane know that to venture into the eye, is to venture into temporary calm, for in a moment’s time, the winds will quickly pick up intensity, and to get back to the place of safety, by this point, would be too late. 

    Unless you are in a reconnaissance airplane, flying into the eye, learning about the storm, gathering all the data from inside the eye,  and moving at the same speed the storm moves, you are not safe.  

    So He is telling me He wants me to remain in His Eye.   His Grace.  His Favor.  His Continual Fountain (Hebrew: AYIN) of Blessings. 

    Like the airplane gathers data, becomes very intimate with the nature of the storm, and learns all about its life by the calculations it makes in its eye, so He too, wants us to learn of Him and gather data and become very intimate with His nature.

    But I’ll need to move when He moves and go where He goes.  Sometimes,  He moves very swiftly.  Sometimes, He will shift directions and do the complete opposite of all the computer modules.  
    I need to be still, and sensitive, to His ways.  

    Noah found grace in the eyes (AYIN) of the Lord.  (Gen 6:8)

    Ayin (ah-YIN), is the Hebrew word for Eye in this passage, and it means “in the judgement of”  “the estimation of” or “according to my judgment it appears to me as”

    To have found favor in the Lord’s eyes, is not to say that favor is all of a sudden there, when once it was not.   To have found favor in the Lord’s eyes (the AYIN) is to have looked into the gateway of His Judgement, (the eye), and to see your reflection right in the center, or the apple.  

    It is by the Lord’s Judgement of who we are, not our own,  not the eyes of another, that enable us to go forward in whatever we do. 

    Are you stuck, Beloved?
    Find grace in My eyes, my AYIN.  It’s there.  You need to see it.

    Take it further.
    I was praying for someone that was a bit of a challenge to my heart.  Then I felt the Lord’s eyes looking out through my own. 
    There was favor for this person. 
    “Is she stuck, Beloved?”
    “Thank you Lord,  for I have found favor in Your eyes (Your Judgement, Your Estimation)  for this one.” 

    Here is where He wants each of us to remain because this is the safest place to be. 

    Psalm 32:7,8  You are my hiding place;
             You shall preserve me from trouble;
             You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.  Selah  
     I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
             I will guide you with My eye.


    In Her Daddy’s Eyes
    She was six years old and fairer than 
    Snow White could ever be
    More radiant than the stars and
    Brighter than the sun was she
    All the birds would hush their voices
    When they heard that princess sing
    But there were none more captivated
    Than her daddy who was king

    She was a little princess
    Her hair was golden brown
    She wore a diamond tiara
    And a long white satin gown
    She stood taller than the oak trees
    Though she was of little size
    And she lived inside the castle
    In her daddy’s lovin’ eyes
    Now at ten years old the princess rose
    Just before the crack of dawn
    She went to look for daddy
    And found that he was gone
    And at thirteen years she looked back, thinkin
    How long it had been
    And she wondered if the princess had run away with him

    Sweet sixteen, kissed many times
    Though she still shed a tear
    With ev’ry mem’ry of her dad and
    How it was when he was near
    Lookin’ for the truth and all she found
    Was dirty lies
    Searchin’ for the princess

    Now in a stranger’s eyes

    Eight years had come and gone
    She’s got a princess of her own
    Wasn’t like she dreamed
    As she raised her child alone
    But then she met her Heavenly Father
    And she’d come to realize
    That she was and always will be
    A princess in His eyes

    Well she IS a little princess
    Her hair IS golden brown
    She WEARS a diamond tiara
    And a long white satin gown
    She STANDS taller than the oak trees
    Though she IS of little size
    And she LIVES inside the castle
    In her Daddy’s lovin’ eyes
    Now ev’rywhere she goes she sees
    The princess in her Daddy’s eyes

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    Oz Never Did Give Nothin to the Tin Man

    “Oz never did give nothing to the tin man
    That he didn’t already have” America


    Man gives certificates, medals, and tokens.
    Mediums give information, true and false.
    Lab reports provide current status, not DNA coding.

    Isaiah 53:1 Who has believed our report?
    And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?
    The bible communicates this as the Lord’s arm will be revealed. But it’s His name. Arm-of-The-Lord.

    “How do I check my heart for idols?”
    By looking into the names of the Lord and checking your response and then behavior.

    Start with an easy one.
    #318 “Healer”
    Lord: Exodus 15:26 “I am the Lord who heals”
    People of God: You are the Lord who heals
    Lord: “I am the Lord who heals. What does this mean to you?”
    People of God: You are the one who heals.
    Lord: I live in you.
    People of God: You live in us. Christ in me, the hope of glory.
    Lord: Do you want to be well?
    People of God: We want to be well. Thank you Lord-who-heals for living in me and bringing forth health and healing to my body and soul.

    “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father” John 14:9

    We already have. Why do you beg?
    Do you consult your daily horoscope?
    Do you consult friends to affirm your value?
    Do you consult the news to tell you the truth?
    Do you take the opinion (without consulting Me) of the doctor regarding your condition?
    Do you run to be put on every prayer chain?
    Do you rehearse and nurse your symptoms in your mind and to others?

    How about the first one on this list? The Abiding Son.
    Lord: I am the Son-who- abides
    People of God: You are the Son-who-abides
    Lord: I live in you. Abide with me as I abide in you.
    People of God: But I have anxiety and cannot sit still. I need my xanax. (I have too many distractions. I have too many kids. I slept late… name your excuse)
    Lord: I am the Son-who -Abides. Abide in me as I abide in you. Can you not tarry with me one hour?

    How about this one?

    #108 – Christ the Lord? Is He? Does He live in you? How do you respond? What do your actions reveal? Who do you run to first for information?

    Some are easy, some are more difficult.
    You have work to do. There is not much time.
    You have an enemy waiting to take the Lord’s place in your mind, heart and body.

    1. Abiding Son John 8:35. Matt. 28:20. Heb. 1:3

    2. Abolisher of the Enemy Eph. 2:15. Revelation 19:20

    3. Abundant Grace Romans 5:17-19

    4. Abundant Life John 10:10. Psalms 23:1

    5. Ancient of Days Daniel 7:9,13, 22

    6. Adonai Deut. 6:4. Isa. 4:4; 61:1

    7. Advocate I John 2:1

    8. Aleph and Tau Psalms 119:1,169

    9. Alpha and Omega Revelation 1:8, 11; 22:13

    10. Altogether Lovely Song of Solomon 5:16

    11. Amen Num. 5:22. Rev. 1:5; 3:14

    12. Anchor of Souls Gen. 6:19. Matt. 14:25

    13. Angel of God Gen. 31:11. Exo. 14:9

    14. Angel of His Presence Isa. 63:9. John 1:13

    15. Angel of Jacob Genesis 49:16

    16. Angel of the Lord Gen. 18:2-15. Exodus 3:2

    17. Anointed King I Sam. 2:10

    18. Anointed One Psalms 2:2

    19. Anointed of the Holy Spirit Psa. 45:7. Heb. 1:9. Matt. 3:16

    20. Anointed Preacher Isaiah 61:1

    21. Anointed Witness I Samuel 12:5

    22. Anointed of My Head Psalms 23:5

    23. Another King Acts 17:7

    24. Another Priest Heb. 7:15, 16

    25. Anthem of a New Song Rev. 5:9; 7:12; 15:3

    26. Apple Tree Song of Solomon 2:3

    27. Appointed Heir Hebrews 1:2

    28. Appointed Judge John 5:29. Acts 12:30

    29. Appointed of God Psa. 104:19. Hebrews 3:2

    30. Appointed Sacrifice Hebrews 7:28. Psalms 40:6

    31. Appointer of Seasons Psalms 104:19. Genesis 1:14

    32. Approved of God Acts 2:22

    33. Ark of Strength Isa. 62:8

    34. Arm of His Strength Psalms 132:8

    35. Arm of Redemption Psalms 77:15

    36. Arm of the Lord Isaiah 51:9; 53:1

    37. Armor of God Isaiah 6:5; 11:5

    38. Assurance of our Hearts John 14:1. I John 3:19

    39. Astonied One Isa. 52:14; 50:6

    40. Author and Finisher of Faith Heb. 12:2. John 19:30

    41. Author of Eternal Salvation Heb. 5:9. Rev. 21:27

    42. Arrow of Conviction Zech. 9:14. John 7:58

    43. Author of Peace with God Romans 5:1. John14:27

    44. Author of Book of Life Revelation 21:27

    45. Availing Shield and Buckler Psalms 35:2

    46. Babe of Bethlehem Luke 2:12

    47. Babe and Child of Promise Gen. 3:15. Isa. 7:14; 9:6

    48. Balm of Gilead Jeremiah 8:22

    49. Banner of Israel Psalms 60:4

    50. Banner of Love Song of Solomon 2:4

    51. Baptizer Matthew 3:1152. Barer of the Seven Stars Revelation 1:6

    53. Beautiful and Glorious Branch Isaiah 4:2

    54. Beauty of Holiness II Chron. 20:21. Isaiah 33:17

    55. Beauty of the Lord Isa. 4:2. Psalms 90:17

    56. Beginning and Ending Isa. 43: 3-7. Revelation 1:8

    57. Beginning of Wisdom Psalms 111:10. Proverbs 8:23

    58. Beloved, White and Rudy One Song of Solomon 5:10

    59. Beloved of the Father Matthew 12:18

    60. Beloved Son Matt. 13:17. Mark 11:1

    61. Better than Angels Hebrews 1:4

    62. Blessed and Glorious Lamb Revelation 5:13

    63. Blessed and Only Potentate I Tim. 6:16. Revelation 19:16

    64. Blessed and Glorious Name Psalms 72:19

    65. Blessed Lamb of Glory Revelation 7:12

    66. Blessed One Psalms 72:19

    67. Blessed Rock Psalms 18:46

    68. Blesser of the Children Mark 9:36

    69. BRANCH Zechariah 3:8

    70. Branch of Righteousness Jeremiah 33:15

    71. Bread John 6:50

    72. Bread of Heaven John 6:51

    73. Bread of God John 6:33

    74. Bread of Life John 6:48

    75. Breast Plate of our Righteousness Rom. 13:14. Ephesians 6:14

    76. Bridegroom John 2:39. Matt. 9:15

    77. Bridegroom Lamb Revelation 19:7; 21:9

    78. Bright Light of Glory Job 37:21

    79. Brightness of His Glory Heb. 1:3. John 17:5

    80. Brightness of the Lord Eze. 10:4

    81. Brightness of Thy Rising Isa. 60:3. Rev. 21:23

    82. Bringer of Good Things Isa. 41:27; 61:1

    83. Brother of James Mark 6:3

    84. Buckler to the Upright Proverbs 2:7

    85. Buckler to All II Sam. 22:51. Psalms 18:30

    86. Builder and Maker Heb. 11:10. Isa. 17:7

    87. Builder of the Church Matthew 16:18

    88. Bruised and Afflicted of God Isaiah 53:5

    89. Bruiser of Satan Gen. 3:15. Romans 16:20

    90. Captain of Salvation Hebrews 2:10

    91. Captain of the Lord’s Host Joshua 5:14

    92. Carpenter Jesus Mark 6:3

    93. Carpenter’s Son Matt. 13:55

    94. Chief Corner Stone Ephesians 2:10

    95. Chief Shepherd I Peter 5:4

    96. Chiefest among Ten Thousand Song of Solomon 5:10

    97. Child Jesus Luke 2:47

    98. Child of the Holy Ghost Matthew 1:18

    99. Chosen of God I Peter 2:4. Luke 23:25

    100.Chosen Stone of God I Peter 2:4

    101.Christ Jesus Acts 19:4. Romans 3:24

    102.Christ Jesus the Lord II Cor. 4:5

    103.Christ of God Luke 9:20

    104.Christ our Life Col. 3:4

    105.Christ our Peace Isa. 53:5. Eph. 2:14

    106.Christ the Crucified I Cor. 1:22; 2:8

    107.Christ the King of Israel Mark 15:32

    108.Christ the Lord Luke 2:11

    109.Christ the Rock I Cor. 10:4

    110.Christ the Son of David Mark 12:35

    111.Christ the Son of God Acts 9:20. Luke 4:11

    112.Christ the Son of the Blessed Mark 14:61

    113.Christ the First Fruits I Cor. 15:23. Matt. 27:5

    114.Cloud of the Lord Exo. 40:38. Rev. 14:14

    115.Cluster of the Camphire Song of Solomon 1:14

    116.Comfort of the Mourners Isa. 61:12. John 11:45

    117.Comforter of Zion Isaiah 40:1

    118.Compassionate Shepherd Matthew 9:36

    119.Consuming Fire Deut. 4:24; 9:3

    120.Confidence Psalms 65:5

    121.Conquering Lamb Rev. 17:14

    122.Consecrated Son Heb. 7:8

    123.Consolation of Israel Luke 2:25

    124.Complete Controller of All Col. 1:7

    125.Completer of the Saints Col. 3:3

    126.Contradiction of Sinners Heb. 12:3. Romans 3:23

    127.Counsel of the Most High Psalms 107:22. Isa. 9:6

    128.Covenant of the People Isaiah 49:8

    129.Covenant of Promise Heb. 10:16

    130.Covert from the Storm Isaiah 4:6

    131.Creator of Israel Isaiah 43:15

    132.Creator of the New Heavens and Earth Isa. 66:22

    133.Creator of Principalities and Powers Col. 1:16

    134.Creator of the Earth Isa. 40:28

    135.Creator of the Heavens Isa. 42:5; 45:18

    136.Creator of Visible & Invisible things Col. 1:16

    137.Creator of the Winds Proverbs 30:4. Amos 4:13

    138.Crown of Glory Isa. 28:5.

    139.Crown of Pure Gold Psalms 21:3

    140.Darling Psalms 22:20; 35:17

    141.Days man Job 9:33. I Tim. 2:5

    142.Dayspring from on High Luke 1:78

    143.Daystar II Peter 1:19

    144.Defense Job 22:25. Psa. 89:18

    145.Deliverer Psalms 18:2

    146.Deliverer to Zion Isa. 59:20

    147.Deliverer of my Soul Psa. 86:13. Romans 10:4

    148.Designer of the Universe Psalms 19:1

    149.Desire of All Nations Haggai 2:7

    150.Desire of our Soul Isaiah 26:8

    151.Desire of the Bride Song of Solomon 7:10

    152.Desire of the Prophets and Kings Luke 10:24

    153.Desire of the Righteous Proverbs 11:23

    154.Desire of Women Daniel 11:37

    155.Despised and Rejected One Isa. 53:3

    156.Despised of the People Psalms 22:6. Isa. 60:14

    157.Dew of youth Psalms 110:3

    158.Dew unto Israel Hosea 14:5

    159.Diadem of Beauty Isa. 28:5

    160.Disallowed Stone I Peter 2:7

    161.Door of Faith Acts 14:27

    162.Door of the Sheep John 10:9

    163.Dweller of the Heavenlies Psalms 123: 1. John 6

    164.El Shaddai Genesis 14

    165.Enlarger of Gad Deut. 33:20
    166.Elect of the Lord Isa. 42: 1

    167.Eloihim Gen. 1:1. Exo. 1:17. Zech. 13:9

    168.Enlarger of my Heart Psalms 119:32

    169.Enlightener of My Darkness Psalms 18:28

    170.Ensign Isa. 30:17

    171.Ensign for the Nations Isa. 11:12

    172.Ensign of the People Isa. 11:10

    173.Enthroned Priest Zech. 6:12. Heb. 10:12

    174.Equal of God John 5:18. Phil. 2:6

    175.Establisher of the Ends of the Earth Proverbs 30:4

    176.Eternal Christ John 8

    177.Eternal Life I John 1:2; 5:20

    178.Eternal Word John 1:1

    179.Eucharist of our Faith I Cor. 11:24

    180.Everlasting God Isa. 40:28

    181.Everlasting King Isa. 40:28

    182.Everlasting Name Isa. 63:16. Phil. 2:11

    183.Everlasting Priest Heb. 7:17

    184.Ever living Intercessor Isa. 53:12. Heb. 7:25

    185.Ever living One Rev. 4:10

    186.Ever merciful One Psalms 37:26

    187.Exalted and Extolled Servant Isaiah 52:13

    188.Exalted God of Salvation Psalms 18:46

    189.Exalted Lamb Rev. 5:13

    190.Exalted Name Psa. 34:4. Phil. 2:9

    191.Exceeding Joy our God Psa. 34:4

    192.Excellency of God Isa. 35:2

    193.Excellent Psalms 148:13

    194.Excellent and Comely One Isa. 4:2

    195.Executor of Judgment John 5:27

    196.Executor of Righteousness Jeremiah 33:15

    197.Expectation of David Psalms 62:5

    198.Express Image Heb. 1:3

    199.Eye of the Lord Psalms 33:18

    200.Face of God Gen. 33:30. John 1:18

    201.Face of the Lord Luke 1:78

    202.Fairer than Children of Man Isa. 45:2

    203.Faithful I Thes. 5:24

    204.Faithful Ambassador Proverbs 13:7

    205.Faithful Creator I Peter 4:9

    206.Faithful Lord Isa. 49:7

    207.Faithful and Just Forgiver I John 1:9

    208.Faithful Witness Psa. 89:37. Rev. 1:5

    209.Faithfulness Isa. 11:5

    210.Father of the Fatherless Isa. 65:5

    211.Fellow John 5:18. Zech. 3:17

    212.First and Last Isa. 44:6. Rev. 1:11

    213.First Begotten Heb. 1:6

    214.First Begotten from the Dead Rev. 1:5. Matt. 27:53

    215.Fire of Zion Isa. 31:9

    216.First Born Psa. 89:27

    217.First Born Among Many Brethren Romans 8:29

    218.First Born from the Dead Col.1:18

    219.First Born of Every Creature Col. 1:15

    220.First Born Son Matt. 1:25

    221.First Fruits of Them That Slept I Cor. 15:20

    222.First Love I John 4:19. Rev. 2:4223.Foolishness of God I Peter 1:18, 20

    224.Foreordained Eternally I Peter 1:20

    225.Forerunner Heb. 6:20

    226.Former of all things Jer. 51:19. John 1:3

    227.Former of Jacob and Israel Isa. 44:21

    228.Former of the Light Gen. 1:15-17. John 1:10

    229.Fountain of Jacob Deut. 33:28

    230.Fountain of the House of David Zech. 13:1

    231.Framer of the Worlds Heb. 11:3

    232.Free Gift Romans 5:15

    233.Friend Proverbs 18:24

    234.Friend Forever II Chron. 20:7

    235.Friend of Abraham Isa. 41:8

    236.Friend of Publican and Sinners Matt. 11:19

    237.Fruit of the Earth Isa. 4:2; 47:2; 53:3

    238.Fruit of the Womb Matt. 1:25. Luke 1:42

    239.Fullness of the Father Col. 1:19

    240.Fullness of the Godhead Col. 2:9

    241.Gardener of Earth Isa. 41:19. Gen. 2:8. Psa. 65

    242.Gather of the Winds Proverbs 30:4

    243.Gentiles Trust Romans 15:12. Luke 2:32

    244.Gift of God John 4:10

    245.Giver of Secrets and Treasures of Earth Isa. 45:3,9

    246.Giver of the Good spirit Neh. 9:20. John 16

    247.Gladness of the Nations Psalms 106:5

    248.Glorious Arm Isa. 63:12

    249.Glorious Honor of Thy Majesty Psa. 145:5. Heb. 1:3

    250.Glorious Lord Isa. 33:21

    251.Glorious Voice with Us Isa. 30:30. Rev. 1:10-12

    252.Glory of Gods Majesty Isa. 61:1. Heb. 1:3; 8:1

    253.Glory of Israel Eze. 9:3. Luke 2:32

    254.Glory of the Gentiles Isa. 66:12. Luke 2:32

    255.God Blessed Forever Romans 1:25; 9:5

    256.God Manifest in Flesh I Tim. 3:16

    257.God of David Psa. 18:32

    258.God of Great Kindness Neh. 9:17

    259.God of Pardon and New Life Neh. 9:17

    260.God of Righteousness and Wrath Isa. 42:5

    261.God of Jeshrun Deut. 33:26

    262.God our Savior I Tim. 2:3

    263.God With Us Isa. 7:14; 8:10. Matt. 1:25

    264.Good and Upright Psalms 51:8

    265.Good Lord II Chron. 30:8. Psalms 100:5

    266.Good Shepherd John 10:4. Eze. 34:12-16

    267.Good Teacher Mark 10:17

    268.Good Man of the House Matthew 20:11

    269.Governor Micah 5:2. Matt. 2:18

    270.Governor of Many Nations Psalms 22:8

    271.Gracious God Jonah 4:2

    272.Gracious Lord I Peter 2:3

    273.Gracious and Full of Compassion Psa. 111:1; 145:8

    274.Great Counselor Isa. 9:6. Jer. 32:19

    275.Great Door I Cor. 16:9. John 10

    276.Great God Neh. 8:6. Titus 2:13

    277.Great High Priest Heb. 4:14

    278.Great King Mal. 1:14

    279.Great Lord Psalms 147:5280.Great One Isa. 19:20

    281.Great Peace Psa. 119:165. Isa. 26:3

    282.Great Prophet Luke 7:17

    283.Great Savior Titus2:13

    284.Great Shepherd Psa. 23:2. Heb. 13:20

    285.Great and Terrible God Psa. 99:3. I Thess. 1:8

    286.Greater than Abraham John 8:53

    287.Greater than Isaac Heb. 11:19

    288.Greater than Jacob John 4:12

    289.Greater than Jonah Matt. 12:41. Luke 11:31

    290.Greater than David Psalms 89:2

    291.Greater than Noah I Peter 3:19

    292.Greater than Solomon Matthew 12:41

    293.Greater than our Hearts I John 3:20

    294.Greater and more Perfect Tabernacle Heb. 9:11

    295.Greatness of Excellency Exo. 15:67

    296.Greatness of Might Isaiah 40:2

    297.Greatness of Strength Isaiah 63:12

    298.Greatness of Thy Power Psalms 79:11

    299.Greatness of Zion Psalms 99:2

    300.Green Tree Luke 23:11

    301.Guarantor of our Security John 5:29; 10:28

    302.Guarantor of the New Covenant Hebrews 8:10-13

    303.Guarantor of the Tree of Life Rev. 22:14

    304.Guide for Us Jer. 3:9. Psa. 48:14

    305.Hand of the Lord Joshua 4:29

    306.Hanged Redeemer Acts 5:30

    307.Harmless Heb. 7:26

    308.Hated One John 8:46; 15:23-24

    309.Hater of Iniquity Heb. 1:9. Psalms 45

    310.Head Above All I Chron. 29:1. Acts 4:32

    311.Head of All Principality and Powers Col. 2:10

    312.Head of Every Man I Cor. 11:3

    313.Head of the Body Col. 1:18

    314.Head of the Corner Eph. 5:23. Acts 20:28

    315.Head of the Church Eph. 5:23

    316.Head Over All Eph. 1:22

    317.Head Over Things Eph. 4:15

    318.Healer Exo. 15:26

    319.Healer of Broken Hearts Isa. 61:1. Psalms 51:17

    320.Healer of Souls Psalms 41:4

    321.Healer of Wounds Isaiah 30:6

    322.Health of My Countenance Psa. 42:5

    323.Hearer of Prayer Psa. 65:2. John 15

    324.Help of His Countenance Psalms 42:5

    325.Helper of the Helpless Psa. 10:14. Mark 5:18

    326.Heir of All Things Heb. 1:12

    327.Hidden God Isaiah 45:18

    328.Hidden Manna Rev. 2:12-17. John 6:36

    329.High Above All Psalms 99:26. Phil. 2:11

    330.High and Lofty One Isaiah 57:15

    331.High God Micah 6:6

    332.High Lord Psalms 93:4

    333.High Priest of Good Things Heb. 9:11

    334.High Priest of Our Profession Heb. 3:1; 6:20

    335.High Priest Over House of God Heb. 10:21

    336.High Right Hand Psalms 89:13337.High Tower of Mine Psalms 18:2

    338.Higher Than Heavens Heb. 7:26

    339.Higher Than Kings Psalms 89:27. Rev. 19:16

    340.Highest One Psalms 18:3

    341.His Brightness Habbakuk 3:4

    342.His Dear Son Col. 1:13

    343.His Excellent Greatness Psalms 150:2

    344.His Holiness Amos 4:12. Psa. 108:7

    345.His Holy Arm Isaiah 52:10

    346.His Loving-kindness Isaiah 63:7

    347.His Mighty Hand Deut. 11:2

    348.His Right Hand Isa. 62:8

    349.His Son Jesus Christ I John 3:23

    350.His Son Our Lord I Cor. 1:9

    351.Holier Than Thou Isa. 65:5

    352.Holy and True Rev. 6:10

    353.Holy Child Jesus Acts 4:47. Luke 2:11

    354.Holy Lord God I Sam. 6:20

    355.Holy Name Psa. 33:31. Phil. 2:11

    356.Holy One Job 6:10. Psa. 16:10

    357.Holy One and Just Acts 3:14

    358.Holy One of God Mark 1:24

    359.Holy One of Israel Isa. 41:14

    360.Holy One of Jacob Isa. 29:23

    361.Holy One of Mount Paran Habb. 3:3

    362.Holy Thing Luke 1:39

    363.Honorable Lamb of Glory Rev. 7:12

    364.Honored Son John 5:23

    365.Hope in Day of Evil Jer. 17:7

    366.Hope of David Psa. 16:19. Acts 2:30

    367.Hope of Eternal Life Titus 3:17

    368.Hope of Glory Col. 1:27

    369.Hope of His People Israel Joel 3:16. Matt. 1:23

    370.Hope of Israel Jer. 14:8

    371.Hope of Righteousness Gal. 5:5

    372.Hope of the Promise Acts 26:6

    373.Hope and Joy of Abraham John 8:56

    374.Hope and Joy of Simeon Luke 2:25-32

    375.Horn of David Psa. 132:17

    376.Horn of Salvation Luke 1:69

    377.Horn of the House of David Eze. 29:21

    378.Horn of the House of Israel Eze. 29:21

    379.Horn of My Salvation Psa 18:2. II Sam. 22:23

    380.Hosanna of the Highest Praise Mark 11:10

    381.House of Defense Psa. 31:2. Zech. 9:9

    382.Humbler of the High Minded Isa. 26:5

    383.Husband of Israel Isa. 54:5

    384.Husband of the Bride Rev. 21:2. Jer. 23:9. II Cor. 11:2

    385.I Am John 8:58

    386.I Am that I Am Exo. 3:14. John 8:58

    387.Image of God Heb. 1:3

    388.Image of the Believers Col. 3:9

    389.Image of the Father John 14:9

    390.Image of the Invisible God Col. 1:15

    391.Immanuel Isa. 7:14; 8:10. Matt. 1:23

    392.Immortal I Tim. 1:17

    393.Incarnate God Phil. 2:8. John 1:14394.Infinite One Psa. 33:11. Mal. 3:16

    395.Inheritor of All Nations Psa. 82:8

    396.Inheritor of My Mountains Isa. 65:9

    397.Intercessor of Sinners Isa. 53:12

    398.Jasper and Sardine Stone Rev. 4:3

    399.Jealous God Exo. 20:5. Joshua 24:19

    400.JESUS Matt. 1:21

    401.Jesus Christ our Lord Matt. 1:1

    402.Jesus Christ our Savior Titus 2:3

    403.Jesus Christ the Righteous I John 2:1

    404.Jesus of Galilee Matt. 26:64

    405.Jesus of Nazareth Matt. 1:24

    406.Jesus the Crucified Acts 1:11; 2:36

    407.Jesus the Grace and Truth John 1:17

    408.Jesus the King of the Jews Matt. 27:37

    409.Jew John 4:9

    410.Judge Psa. 50:6

    411.Judge Among Nations Isa. 2:4

    412.Judge of All the Earth Psa. 94:21. Gen. 18:25

    413.Judge of Israel Micah 5:2

    414.Judge of Quick and Dead Acts 10:4

    415.Judge of the Fatherless Psa. 10:18

    416.Judge of Widows Psa. 68:5. Luke 21:1-4

    417.Justified of the Spirit I Tim. 3:16

    418.Justifier of the Circumcision Romans 3:30

    419.Justifier of the Seed of Israel Isa. 45:25

    420.Just God Isa. 45:25

    421.Just Lord Zeph. 3:5

    422.Just Man Matt. 27:4

    423.Just One Acts 3:14; 7:52

    424.Just Savior Isa. 45:21

    425.Keeper of Israel Psa. 121:4

    426.Keeper of the Covenant and Mercy Neh. 9:32

    427.Keeper of the Keys of Hell and Death Rev. 3:7

    428.Kindler of Tophet Isa. 30:33. Matt. 25:41

    429.King Beautiful Isa. 33:17

    430.King Eternal I Tim. 1:7

    431.King Forever Psa. 10:16

    432.King of All the Earth Psa. 47:5

    433.King of Glory Psa. 24:7-10

    434.King of Heaven Dan. 4:37. Psa. 24:7

    435.King of Israel Isa. 41:21. Gen. 49:10

    436.King of Jacob Isa. 41:21. Gen. 49:10

    437.King of Kings and Lord of Lords Rev. 19:16

    438.King of Nations Jer. 10:10. Rev. 12:5

    439.King of Peace Heb. 7:2

    440.King of Righteousness Heb. 7:2

    441.King of Saints Rev. 15:3

    442.King of the Jews Matt. 2:21. Mark 15:26

    443.King of Truth John 18:37

    444.King of Zion Psa. 2:6. Zech. 9:4

    445.Kinsman Nearer Than I Ruth 3:12

    446.Kinsman Redeemer Job 19:25. John 1:11

    447.Kodashim (Holy One) Proverbs 9:10; 30:3

    448.Korban (Sacrifices) Heb. 9:28

    449.Lamb Rev. 5:6; 13:8

    450.Lamb of God John 1:29, 36451.Lamb of Mount Zion Rev. 14:2

    452.Lamb of 144,000 Rev. 7:5-8

    453.Lamb of Salvation Rev. 7:10

    454.Lamb of the Great Multitude Rev. 7:9

    455.Lamb of the Twelve Apostles Rev. 21:14

    456.Lamb Slain from the Foundation Rev. 13:8

    457.Lamb to the Slaughter Isa. 53:7. Acts 8:32

    458.Lamb Without Spot and Blemish I Peter 1:18

    459.Lamp II Sam. 22:29

    460.Lamp of the Feet Psa. 119:105

    461.Last Adam I Cor. 15:45

    462.Leader and Commander Isa. 55:4

    463.Life John 1:4

    464.Life of Man Gen. 1:26. John 1:14

    465.Lifted and Exalted Son John 3:14; 8:28

    466.Lifted Up Suffering Symbol Num. 21:9

    467.Lifted of My Head Psa. 3:3; 110:7

    468.Light and Truth Psalms 43:3

    469.Light Everlasting Isa. 60:20

    470.Light in Darkness Psa. 112:4. John 8:12

    471.Light of Heaven Acts 9:3; 26:13

    472.Light of Israel Psa. 10:17

    473.Light of Life John 1:4

    474.Light of Men John 1:4

    475.Light of the City Rev. 22:23

    476.Light of the Gentiles Isa. 42:6. Luke 2:39

    477.Light of the Glorious Gospel II Cor. 4:4

    478.Light of the Glory of God II Cor 4:46. John 17:5

    479.Light of the Path Psa. 110:105

    480.Light of the World John 8:12; 9:5

    481.Light of Thy Countenance Psa. 89:15

    482.Lily Among Thorns Song of Solomon 2:2

    483.Lily of the Valley Song of Solomon 2:11

    484.Lion of the Tribe of Judah Hos. 11:10. Rev. 5:5

    485.Lion of Zion Joel 3:16

    486.Living Bread John 6:51

    487.Living Redeemer Job 19:25

    488.Living Savior Romans 5:9-11

    489.Living Stone I Peter 2:4

    490.Longsuffering God Num. 14:18. Psa. 86:15

    491.Lord and Christ Acts 2:36

    492.Lord and God John 20:28; 10:30

    493.Lord and Shepherd Psa. 23:1

    494.Lord From Heaven I Cor. 15:47

    495.Lord God of the Holy Prophets Rev. 22:6

    496.Lord God of Mount Sinai Neh. 9:13

    497.Lord Jesus Christ Acts 2:36

    498.Lord Jesus Christ Lord of Glory James 2:1

    499.Lord Messiah Matthew 23:8

    500.Lord Most High Psalms 7:17

    501.Lord YHWH Everlasting Strength Isa. 26:4

    502.Lord of a New Covenant Jer. 31:31. Heb. 8

    503.Lord of All Acts 10:36

    504.Lord of David Psa. 110:1

    505.Lord of Glory I Cor. 2:8

    506.Lord of Heaven and Earth Matt. 28:18. Acts 17:24

    507.Lord of Hosts Isa. 23:9; 54:5508.Lord of Kings Dan. 2:47

    509.Lord of Lords Deut. 10:11

    510.Lord of Peace II Thess. 3:16. John 4:35

    511.Lord of Heavens Riches Romans 10:12

    512.Lord of the Harvest Matt. 9:38. John 4:35

    513.Lord of the Sabbath Mark 2:8

    514.Lord of the Scriptures John 5:39-40. Luke 24:27

    515.Lord of the Second Advent Heb. 9:28. Titus 2:15

    516.Lord of the Whole Earth Micah 4:13

    517.Lord Our Hope I Tim. 1:1

    518.Lord Our Judge Isa. 33:22. John 5:29

    519.Lord Our King Isa. 33:22

    520.Lord Our Lord Psa. 8:1,9

    521.Lord Our Maker Psa. 95:6

    522.Lord Our Righteousness Jer. 23:36

    523.Lord Our Shield Psa. 3:3; 59:11

    524.Lord Over All Romans 10:12. Phil. 2:11

    525.Lord the God of Hosts Amos 6:8

    526.Lord the Judge Joshua 11:27

    527.Lord Thy Creator Gen. 1:27. Ecc. 12:1

    528.Lord Thy Redeemer Isa. 60:16

    529.Lord Thy Savior Acts 4:12; 60:16

    530.Lover of Righteousness Heb. 1:9. Psa. 33:5

    531.Magnified Lord Isa. 34:3

    532.Magnified Name I Chron. 17:24

    533.Majesty Isa. 2:19

    534.Maker of All Things John 1:3. Col. 1:16

    535.Maker of Israel Hosea 8:14. Isa. 45:11

    536.Maker of Morning Darkness Amos 4:13

    537.Maker of One New Man Eph. 2:15

    538.Maker of Peace Eph. 2:15

    539.Maker of the New Way Isa. 43:14. Matt. 27:58

    540.Maker of the Path in the Sea Isa. 43:16. Exo. 14:21; 15:10

    541.Man Christ Jesus I Timothy 2:5

    542.Man of God Judges 13:6

    543.Man of Sorrows Isa. 53:3. John 19:16

    544.Man of Thy Right Hand Psa. 80:17

    545.Man of War Exo. 15:3. Rev. 19:16

    546.Manna From Heaven John 6

    547.Marred One Isa. 50:6; 52:14

    548.Master in Heaven Eph. 6:9. Col. 1:14

    549.Master of the House Matt. 10:25. Luke 13:35

    550.Master of the Sea Psa. 94:4. Matt. 8:26-28

    551.Mediator of a Better Covenant Heb. 8:6

    552.Mediator of the New Covenant Heb. 12:22

    553.Mediator of the New Testament Heb. 9:15

    554.Mediator Between God and Man I Timothy 2:5

    555.Meek and Lowly Jesus Matt. 11:29

    556.Merciful and Faithful High Priest Heb. 2:7

    557.Merciful God Jer. 3:12. Deut. 4:31

    558.Messenger of the Covenant Mal. 3:1. Matt. 21:12

    559.Messiah John 1:49; 8:24

    560.Messiah the Prince Daniel 9:25

    561.Mightier than the Mighty Waves Psa. 93:4

    562.Mightier than the Noise of any Waters Psa. 93:4

    563.Mighty and Strong One Isa. 28:2; 30:30

    564.Mighty Arm Psa. 89:13565.Mighty God Isa. 9:6. Jer. 32:18

    566.Mighty Hand of God Exo. 3:19. I Peter 5:6

    567.Mighty Man Isa. 42:13

    568.Mighty One of Israel Isa. 30:27

    569.Mighty One of Jacob Isa. 49:26

    570.Mighty Power Deut. 4:37; 9:29

    571.Mighty Savior Isa. 63:12

    572.Mighty Strength Job 9:4

    573.Mighty Wisdom Job 36:5

    574.Mind of the Lord Lev. 24:12. I Cor. 2:16

    575.Mine Anointed I Sam. 2:35

    576.Mine Elect Isa. 65:9

    577.Mine Holy One Habb. 1:12

    578.Minister of the Circumcision Romans 15:3

    579.Minister of the Sanctuary Heb. 8:12

    580.Minister of the True Tabernacle Heb. 8:12

    581.Most Holy Dan. 9:25

    582.Most Mighty Psa. 45:3

    583.Most Upright Isa. 26:7

    584.Mystery of Godliness I Timothy 3:16

    585.Narrow Gate Matthew 7:14. Isa. 40:2

    586.Nazarene Matt. 2:23. Zech. 3:8

    587.Near Lord Psa. 119:151

    588.Obedient Son Heb. 5:8

    589.Offspring of David Rev. 22:6. John 1:11

    590.Ointment Poured Song of Solomon 1:3. Psa. 89:20

    591.ONE Zech. 14:9

    592.One and Only Sacrifice John 3:16

    593.One Lord Zech. 14:9. Eph. 4:5

    594.One Shepherd Eze. 34:23. John 10:16

    595.Only Rock Psa. 62:2; 18:31

    596.Ordained Lamp of the Anointed Psa. 132:17

    597.Ordained of the Father Acts 17:30

    598.Ordainer of the Preachers I Cor. 9:14

    599.Our King Psa. 89:18

    600.Our Lord Psa. 8:1,9

    601.Our Passover I Cor. 15:7

    602.Our Peace Eph. 2:14

    603.Our Sabbath Lev. 23:3. Heb. 4:3,8

    604.Our Sin Offering II Cor. 5:21

    605.Overcomer Lamb Rev. 17:14

    606.Overcomer of the Overcomers Rev. 3:21

    607.Overcomer of the Principalities Col. 1:16

    608.Overcomer of the World John 16:33

    609.Overseer of the Congregation Acts 20:28

    610.Pattern of the Believers I Timothy 1:16

    611.Peacemaker Col. 1:20. Matt. 5:9

    612.Perfect Peace Isa. 26:3

    613.Physician Matt. 9:12

    614.Pierced Messiah Psa. 22:16. Isa. 53:5

    615.Pierced One John 19:37. Rev. 1:7

    616.Pillar of Fire Exo. 13:21

    617.Plant of Renown Eze. 34:29. John 15:1

    618.Pleased of the Father Matt. 3:17

    619.Polished Shaft Isa. 49:2

    620.Portion of Jacob Jer.10:16

    621.Portion in the Land of Living Psalms 142:5622.Portion of Mine Inheritance Psa. 16:5

    623.Possessor of Heaven and Earth Gen. 142:5

    624.Potentate I Timothy 6:15

    625.Potter Jeremiah 18:6

    626.Power of God I Cor. 1:24. John 18:6

    627.Powerful and Rich Lamb Revelation 7:12

    628.Praise of the Children Matthew 21:15-16

    629.Praise of the Saints Psa. 148:14. Rev. 19

    630.Preacher of Good Things Mark 1:39. Luke 4

    631.Preacher of Righteousness Psa. 40:9. Mark 6:12

    632.Precious Lamb I Peter 1:18. Isa. 53

    633.Precious Lord I Peter 2:7

    634.Precious Stone I Peter 2:6-7

    635.Preeminent One Col. 1:18. John 1:15

    636.Preparer of Heavenly Places John 14

    637.Preserver of Men Job 7:20

    638.Preserver of Saints Prov. 2:16. John 10:2

    639.Preserver of the Word Psa. 12:7

    640.Preserver of the Faithful Psa. 31:23

    641.Preserver of His Creation Neh. 9:6

    642.Priest Hebrews 5:6

    643.Priest Forever of Melchisadek Psa. 110:4. Heb. 7:11

    644.Prince of Life Acts 3:15

    645.Prince of Princes Daniel 8:25

    646.Prince of the Kings of the Earth Rev. 1:5

    647.Prophet of His Brethren Deut. 18:19. John 1:10

    648.Prophet from Nazareth of Galilee Matt. 21:11

    649.Prophet Mighty Deed and Truth Luke 24:19

    650.Propitiation for Sins I John 2:2

    651.Propitiation of our Faith Eph. 2:8. Romans 3:25

    652.Proverb to His People Psa. 69:11

    653.Pure One I John 3:2. II Cor. 5:21

    654.Quickening Love Psa. 119:88; 159

    655.Quickening Spirit I Cor. 14:45. John 5:25-28

    656.Quickening Word Psa. 119:50. John 5:29-30

    657.Rabbi Matt. 26:25. John 1:38

    658.Rabboni John 20:16

    659.Ransom for All I Tim. 2:16. I Peter 2:24

    660.Recompenser Heb. 10:30. Rev. 19:11

    661.Reconciler of Enemies Romans 5:9. Gal. 1:20

    662.Reconciler of Things (Earthly and Heavenly Things) Col. 1:20

    663.Redeemer and Forgiver Col. 1:14. Ephesians 1:7

    664.Redeemer of Abraham Gen. 15:6. Isa. 29:2

    665.Redeemer of Israel Isa. 41:14. Psa. 25:22

    666.Redeemer of Souls Psa. 34:22

    667.Redeemer of the First Testament Heb. 9:15. Job 14:9

    668.Redeemer of Zion Isa. 59:20. Psa. 19:4

    669.Redeemer the Holy One Isaiah 54:5

    670.Redeemer the Lamb Rev. 7:14; 12:11; 13:8

    671.Redeemer the Lord of Hosts Isa. 44:6

    672.Redemption I Cor. 1:20. Luke 2:38

    673.Refiner and Purifier Mal. 3:3. I Cor. 3:1

    674.Refuge for the Oppressed Psa. 9:9; 91

    675.Refuge for Us Psa. 62:6

    676.Refuge from the Storm Isa. 25:4

    677.Refuge in Day of Affliction Jer. 16:19

    678.Refuge in Trouble Isa. 25:4679.Reigning Lamb Rev. 7:5

    680.Reproach of Men Psa. 22:6. Matt. 27:39

    681.Rest For Our Souls Matt. 11:28

    682.Restorer of Zion Psa. 102:16

    683.Rejected Stone of Builders Isa. 28

    684.Resurrection and Judge John 11:25; 5:29

    685.Resurrection and the Life John 11:25

    686.Revealer of Secrets Dan. 9:47. Romans 2:6

    687.Revealer of Counsels of the Heart I Cor. 4

    688.Revealer of the Hidden Mystery Rev. 1:1. Col. 1:27

    689.Revealer of the Hidden Things I Cor. 4:5

    690.REVEREND Psa. 111:9

    691.Rewarder of Servants and Prophets Rev. 11:18

    692.Righteous Jer. 12:1

    693.Righteous and Very Faithful Testimony Psa. 119:138

    694.Right Hand of David Psa. 18:5

    695.Right Hand of My Righteousness Isa. 47:10

    696.Righteous Branch Jer. 23:5

    697.Righteous God Psa. 7:9

    698.Righteous Judge II Timothy 4:8

    699.Righteous Man Matt. 27:19

    700.Righteous One Heb. 3:14

    701.Righteous Rock Psa. 92:13

    702.Righteous Servant Isa. 53:11

    703.Risen Light Isa. 9:11. Matt. 4:16

    704.Risen Lord Luke 24:34. I Cor. 15:31

    705.River of Waters Isa. 32:2

    706.Rock Higher Than I Psa. 61:2

    707.Rock of Israel II Sam. 23:3

    708.Rock of My Refuge Psa. 94:22

    709.Rock of My Salvation Psa. 89:26

    710.Rock of Offense Romans 9:33

    711.Rock of the Church Matt. 16:18

    712.Rock of the Wilderness I Cor. 10:4. Numbers 20:11

    713.Rock and Fortress Psa. 71:3

    714.Rock Our God Psa. 18:31. Deut. 32:4

    715.Rock the Lord Psa. 18:2

    716.Rod and Branch Isa. 11:1

    717.Rod of His Mouth Isa. 11:4. Deut. 18:18

    718.Rod of My Anger Isa. 10:5. Nahum 1:6

    719.Rod of My Strength Psa. 110:2

    720.Rod of Thine Inheritance Psa. 72:4

    721.Root of David Rev. 5:5, 12

    722.Rose of Sharon Isa. 65:10. Song of Solomon 2:1

    723.Ruler of Israel Micah 5:2. Gen. 49:10

    724.Ruler of the Twenty Four Elders Rev. 4:4

    725.Salvation of All Nations Isa. 33:2. Acts 4

    726.Salvation of God Acts 28:28

    727.Salvation of the Daughters of Zion Isa. 6:17

    728.Samaritan John 4:40; 8:48

    729.Same Lord Over All Romans 10:12

    730.Same Stone of Prophecy Matt. 21:42

    731.Same Yesterday Today Forever Heb. 13:8

    732.Same Word of Eternity John 1:2

    733.Sanctified and Sent One John 10:36

    734.Saving Health Psa. 67:2

    735.Saving Strength of His Anointed Psa. 28:8736.Savior Isa. 19:20. Matt. 1:21

    737.Savior Jesus II Peter 1:1

    738.Savior of All I Timothy 4:10. Psa. 102:27

    739.Savior of the Body Eph. 5:23. Acts 20:28

    740.Savior of the Lost Luke 19:10. John 3:16

    741.Savior of the World John 4:42. I John 4:14

    742.Scepter Out of Israel Numbers 24:17

    743.Scorned One Psa. 22:7

    744.Searcher of Hearts Jeremiah 17:10. John 2:19

    745.Second Man I Cor. 15:47

    746.Secret of Thy Presence Psa. 31:20

    747.Seed of Abraham (Promise) Heb. 2:16

    748.Seed of Adam (Humanity) Luke 3:38

    749.Seed of David (Kingship) Psa. 89:4, 38

    750.Seed of God (Deity) Luke 1:39. Matt. 1:20

    751.Seed of Jacob (Nationality) Isa. 65:9

    752.Seed of Judah (Tribe) Gen. 49:10. Rev. 5:5

    753.Seed of Shem (Race) Gen. 9:26. Luke 3:36

    754.Seed of Woman (Prophecy) Gen. 3:14-15. Gal. 4:4

    755.Seeking Shepherd Psa. 9:10. Matt. 9:36

    756.Self-Existent One John 8:58. Exo. 6:14

    757.Separate from Sinners Heb. 7:26

    758.Servant Isa. 42:1. John 13:16

    759.Servant of Rulers Isa. 49:7

    760.Servant of the Father Matt. 12:18. John 8

    761.Servant of the Lord Isa. 42:1. Phil. 2:7

    762.Shade Upon Thy Right Hand Psa. 121:5

    763.Shadow of a Great Rock Isa. 32:2. Exo. 33:22

    764.Shadow of His Hand Psa. 42:2

    765.Shadow of Mine Hand Isa. 51:16

    766.Shadow of the Almighty Psa. 91:1

    767.Shadow of Thy Wings Psa. 63:10. Matt. 23:3

    768.Shalom of God Eph. 2:14. Judges 6:23

    769.Shekinah Glory Isa. 60:13. Matt. 17:2. John 17:5

    770.Shelter Psa. 61:3. Matt. 23:38

    771.Shelter of His Flock Isa. 63:12

    772.Shepherd of Israel Psa. 80:1

    773.Shepherd of Souls I Peter 2:25

    774.Shepherd of the Flock Isa. 40:11. John 10

    775.Shepherd of the Little Flock Luke 12:32

    776.Shepherd of the Other Sheep John 10:16

    777.Shepherd of the Sheep John 10:2

    778.Shepherd of Tender Compassion Isa. 40:11

    779.Shepherd Lamb Rev. 7:17

    780.Shepherd of the Valley Psa. 23:4

    781.Shield For Me Eph. 6:16. Psa. 3:3

    782.Shield of Thy Help Deut. 33:29

    783.Shiloh Gen. 49:10

    784.Shorn Lamb Isa. 50:6. John 19:1

    785.Sign Spoken Against Luke 2:24

    786.Silent and Meek Lamb Isa. 53:7. Acts 8:32

    787.Sinbearer Isa. 53:2. I Peter 2:24

    788.Sinless High Priest Heb. 4:15

    789.Sinless One II Cor. 5:21. I John 3

    790.Sir John 4:11; 5:7

    791.Slayer of the Enemy Eph. 2:16

    792.Smiter of the Nations Zech. 12. Eze. 7:9793.Smitten Judge of Israel Micah 5:1

    794.Smitten Rock of Horeb Exo. 17:6

    795.Smitten Shepherd Zech. 13:7. Matt. 26:31

    796.Smitten of God Isa. 53:4. Matt. 27:46

    797.Son of Man Matthew 12:8

    798.Sower of the Word of God Matthew 13:37

    799.Spirit of Christ Romans 8:9. I John 1:11

    800.Song of Drunkards Psa. 69:12

    801.Son from Heaven I Thess. 1:10. John 6:58

    802.Son of David Matt. 9:27. Luke 3:31

    803.Son of Freedom John 8:36

    804.Son of God Matt. 27:43. John 9:35

    805.Son of Joseph Luke 3:23. John 1:45

    806.Son of Man in Heaven John 3:13

    807.Son of Man, the Savior Matt. 18:11

    808.Son of Mary Mark 6:3

    809.Son of Peace Luke 10:6

    810.Son of the Father II John 3

    811.Son of the Freewoman Gal. 4:30. Rom. 5:9

    812.Son of the Highest Luke 1:32

    813.Son of the Living God Matt. 16:16

    814.Son of Truth John 18:30. Heb. 1:9

    815.Son Over His House Heb. 3:6

    816.Spiritual Drink I Cor. 10:4. John 6:35

    817.Spiritual Meat I Cor. 10:4. John 6:36

    818.Spiritual Rock I Cor. 10:4. Exodus 17:6

    819.Spoiler of the Principalities Colossians 2:15

    820.Spokesman of the Father Heb. 1:2

    821.Sprinkler of Nations and Kings Isa. 52:15

    822.Star out of Jacob Numbers 24:17

    823.Stay Psalms 18:8

    824.Stiller of the Raging Sea Matthew 8:26. Psa. 89:9

    825.Stone Cut without Hands Daniel 2:34

    826.Stone of Israel Genesis 49:24

    827.Stone of Stumbling Isa. 8:14

    828.Stone the Builders Rejected Matthew 21:42

    829.Stranger and Alien Psa. 69:8. John 7

    830.Strength and Song Exodus 15:2. Psa. 118:14

    831.Strength in Time of Trouble Psa. 37:39

    832.Strength of Israel I Samuel 15:29

    833.Strength of My Heart Psalms 73:26

    834.Strength of My Life Psalms 27:1

    835.Strength of the Children Joel 3:16

    836.Strength of the Lord Micah 5:4

    837.Strength to the Needy Isa. 25:4. Matthew 11:30

    838.Strength to the Poor Isa. 25:4. Matthew 11:24

    839.Stretched out Arm Deut. 11:2

    840.Strong Arm Psa. 89:10

    841.Strong Habitation Psa. 71:3

    842.Strong Hand Psa. 89:13

    843.Strong Lord Psa. 89:8

    844.Strong Redeemer Jeremiah 50:34

    845.Strong Power Isa. 40:26. Matthew 28:20

    846.Strong Rock Psa. 31:2

    847.Strong Hold Zech. 9:12

    848.Strong Tower Prov. 18:10. II Sam. 22:3

    849.Stumbling Stone Romans 8:33850.Son of Righteousness Mal. 4:2

    851.Sure Foundation Isa. 28:16. II Tim. 2:9

    852.Sure Mercies of David Isa. 55:3. Acts 13:34

    853.Sure Steadfast Anchor Heb. 6:9

    854.Surety of a Better Testament Heb. 7:22

    855.Surety of David Psa. 119:123

    856.Sustainer Psa. 3:5; 55:22

    857.Sword of Thy Excellency Deut. 33:29

    858.Tabernacle Isa. 4:6

    859.Tabernacle of God Revelation 21:33

    860.Teacher from God John 3:1. Luke 19:47

    861.Teacher of David Psa. 18:34

    862.Teacher of My Path Psalms 25:4-5

    863.Tempest of Hail and Destroying Storm II Thess. 1:8. Isa. 28:2

    864.Temple John 2:19

    865.Temple of the City Revelation 21:22

    866.Tender Plant Isaiah 53:2

    867.Terrible God Neh. 1:5. II Thess. 1:8

    868.Terrible of the Kings Psalms 76:12

    869.Testament of Prophecy Revelation 19:10

    870.Testator Matthew 26:28. Hebrews 9:16

    871.Testimony of the Scriptures John 5:39

    872.That Bread John 6:48

    873.That Eternal Life I John 1:2

    874.That One from the Beginning I John 1

    875.That Prophet Deut. 18:15. John 1:25

    876.That Rock I Cor. 10:4

    877.The Creator Romans 1:25

    878.The Everlasting Arm Deut. 33:27

    879.The Excellent Delight Psa. 16:3; 37:10

    880.The Glorious Honor of Thy Majesty Psa. 145:5. Heb. 1:3; 8:1

    881.The Glory of Their Strength Psa. 89:17

    882.The Grace of God Titus 2:11. John 1:17

    883.The Highest Psa. 18:13

    884.The Just I Peter 3:18

    885.The Justification of Life Romans 5:18

    886.The Justification of Many Romans 5:16

    887.The King Matthew 25:4

    888.The Lord My Hiding Place Psa. 32:7

    889.The Lord My Helper and Deliverer Psa. 40:17

    890.The Love of God I John 3:16

    891.The Man John 19:1

    892.The Manifest Life I John 1:2

    893.The Mercy of the Most High Psa. 21:7

    894.The Mighty of Jacob Psa. 132:2

    895.The Rock of Our Salvation Psa. 95:1

    896.The Savior Psa. 45:13

    897.The Victory I Cor. 15:57

    898.The Savior of Upright Hearts Psa. 7:10

    899.The Secret of the Lord Psa. 25:14. Judges 13:18

    900.The Son of the Lord God Psa. 2:12. Prov. 30:4

    901.The Song of Moses Exodus 15:1. Revelation 15:3

    902.The Sower Matthew 13:37

    903.The Straight Gate Matthew 7:14. John 14:6

    904.Thine Holy One Psa. 16:10

    905.Thresher of Wheat and Chaff Matthew 3:12

    906.Throne of God’s Holiness Hebrews 1:8907.Thou Christ Matthew 26:68

    908.Tower of David Song of Solomon 4:14

    909.Tower and Fortress Jeremiah 6:27

    910.Tower of Salvation II Samuel 22:51

    911.Trampler of the Young Lion and Dragon Psa. 91:13

    912.Treader of the Angry Waves Job. 9:8

    913.Treader of the High Places Deut. 33:29

    914.Treader of the Lion and Adder Psa. 91:13

    915.Treader of the Winepress Revelation 19:5

    916.Thy Glorious Name Neh. 9:5

    917.Thy Kindness & Marvelous Comfort Psa. 26:3; 17:7

    918.Thy Staff and Comfort Psa. 23:4

    919.Thy Praise Deut. 10:21

    920.Treasure of Wisdom Colossians 2:3

    921.Tried Stone Isaiah 28:16

    922.Triumphant Christ II Corinthians 2:14. Col. 2:15

    923.Triumphant Overcomer John 16:33. Colossians 2:1

    924.Triumphant Lamb Revelation 17:14

    925.True and Faithful Witness Jeremiah 42:5. Revelation 3:14

    926.True and Righteous Judge Revelation 19:2

    927.True Bread from Heaven John 6:32

    928.True God and Eternal Life John 17:3. I John 5:2

    929.True Light John 1:9

    930.True Vine John 15:1

    931.Truth John 14:6; 18:37

    932.Uncorrupted and Glorified One Acts 2:30. John 20:20

    933.Uncomprehendable Light John 1:4

    934.Undefiled Hebrews 7:26

    935.Unknown God Acts 17:23. John 1:3. Romans 1

    936.Unspeakable Gift II Corinthians 9:15

    937.Upholder of All Things Colossians 1:17. Hebrews 1:3

    938.Upholding Right Hand Psalms 63:8

    939.Valiant Right Hand Psalms 118:15-16

    940.Vail to the New and Living Way Hebrews 10:20. Matthew 27:58

    941.Very Beautiful King Isaiah 33:17. Revelation 21-22

    942.Very Christ Acts 9:22. Luke 24:43

    943.Very Foundation of the Church Matthew 16:18

    944.Very God of Peace I Thessalonians 5:23

    945.Very Great Psalms 104:1

    946.Very High Psalms 71:19

    947.Very High Priest Hebrews 10:1-39

    948.Very High Servant Isaiah 52:13

    949.Very Lovely Song Ezekial 33:32

    950.Very Present Help Psalms 46:1

    951.Very Pure Word Psalms 140

    952.Victorious King and Lord Revelation 19:18. Isaiah 66:15

    953.Victorious Lord Jesus Psalms 98:1. Matthew 12:20

    954.Victorious One Isaiah 66:15. Romans 6:9

    955.Victory I Corinthians 15:57

    956.Vine John 15:1

    957.Voice of Great Thunder Revelation 14:2

    958.Voice of Many Waters Revelation 1:12

    959.Voice of the Almighty Ezekial 10:5. Hebrews 1:1

    960.Voice of the Lord God Genesis 3:8. Psalms 29:4

    961.Wall of Fire Zechariah 2:5. Exodus 13:27

    962.Water of Life John 4:11; 6:36. Revelation 22:17

    963.Way John 14:6

    964.Way Everlasting Psalms 139:24. John 14:6

    965.Way of Salvation Isaiah 45:22. Romans 4:5

    966.Way of the Just Isaiah 26:7

    967.Way of the Lord Isaiah 40:2

    968.Way to the Holiest Hebrews 9:8

    969.Weakness of God I Corinthians 1:25

    970.Well Beloved of God Matthew 12:6. Psalms 71:3

    971.Well Beloved Son Matthew 3

    972.White Linen of the Saints Revelation 19:8, 14

    973.White Stone Revelation 2:17

    974.Wisdom Luke 11:49

    975.Wisdom and Knowledge Romans 11:33

    976.Wisdom of the Just Luke 1:17

    977.Wise and Strong Lamb Revelation 7:12

    978.Witness Revelation 1:5

    979.Witness of the Father John 8:18

    980.Witness of Truth John 18:37

    981.Witness to the People Isaiah 55:4. Matthew 26:55

    982.Wonderful Counselor Isaiah 9:6, 28, 29

    983.Word John 1:1

    984.Word Made Flesh John 1:14

    985.WORD OF GOD Hebrews 11:3. Revelation 19:13

    986.Word of His Power Psalms 33:6. Genesis 1:1

    987.Word of Life I John 1:1. John 11:25

    988.Word of Righteousness Psalms 119:123

    989.Word of the Lord Psalms 18:30

    990.Worshipful Lord Matthew 28:17. Revelation 5:14

    991.Worthy Lamb of Heaven Revelation 5:12

    992.Worthy Lord Jesus Revelation 4:11; 5:9

    993.Worthy Redeemer Revelation 5:9

    994.Worthy Servant Philippians 2:7. Revelation 7:17

    995.Wounded One in House of Friends Zechariah 13:6

    996.Wounded One for Transgressors Isaiah 53:12

    997.Yolk of Peace and Rest Matthew 11:28-30

    998.Young Child Matthew 2:11. Isaiah 9:6

    999.Zeal of the Lord of Hosts Isaiah 9:7; 37:32

    1000.Zealous One Psa. 69:9. Matt. 21:12. John 2:14

  • ,

    Marriage Supper

    I saw heaven burst wide open
    a white horse to reveal
    He who sat upon it had come with an appeal, but now
    His eyes were flames of fire
    He wore crowns on His head
    And as He gazed upon me
    This is what He said
    “My name is Faithful
    Faithful and True”

    He came to judge in righteousness with
    power to war
    from His mouth I saw emerge a
    two-edged sword
    He was called “The Word of God” and
    a name no other knew, but
    He said “You can call Me Faithful, cause
    I’m Faithful and True”

    All the armies that had followed wore
    linen white and clean, but
    His robe was dipped in blood
    what a glorious scene
    He led the charge of people who
    who had counted the cost,
    giving all they had to meet Him at the Cross

    He’s come to strike the nations
    with an iron rod
    He’ll tread the wine-press of the wrath of
    The Almighty God
    On that final day when He draws
    His Battle Sword
    All the world will know that He’s
    The King of Kings and
    Lord of Lords

    The beast was seized along with the
    False prophet who came
    deceiving those who followed
    and were marked by his name
    he spoke with lying words
    performed wonders and signs;
    until they met a fiery fate
    for their horrific crimes

    Bless’d are those invited to
    the feast of the Lamb
    the wedding of Bride to the
    Son of I Am
    Hallelujah! Shouts of praise
    round the throne will be heard
    and then the sound of many
    as one voice and one word

    Hallelujah! For the Lord
    The Almighty reigns

    19:17 Then I saw an angel standing in the sun, and he cried out with a loud voice, saying to all the birds that fly in mid-heaven, “Come, assemble for the great feast of God,
    vs 18 so that you may eat the flesh of kings and the flesh of commanders, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and of those who sit on them, and the flesh of all people, both free and slaves, and small and great.”

  • Your Purpose

    You’re purpose is not what you will do on earth
    You’re purpose is to be in the Throne Room of the Lord
    Worshiping Me
    Enjoying Me
    Loving Me
    And crying Holy Holy Holy Lord are you forever and ever and ever
    Along with My angels
    My people
    Your purpose is not what you will do on earth
    Your purpose is ME


And Jesus said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure new things and old.” Matthew 13:52

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